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Regio IX

Regio IX occupies the central part of Pompeii, bounded to the north by the Via di Nola, to the west by the Via Stabiana and to the south by the Via dell'Abbondanza. Much of the area remains unexcavated.

The regio is composed of 14 insulae as shown in the graphic below. Of these, insulae 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13 and 14 contain properties that are examined here in more detail. The area is a mix of housing and commercial premises, with shops generally lining the streets while the houses occupy the interiors.

Reg IX, Ins 1 Reg IX, Ins 3 Reg IX, Ins 5 Reg IX, Ins 7 Reg IX, Ins 8 Reg IX, Ins 12 Reg IX, Ins 13 Reg IX, Ins 14

Plan of Regio IX..

Tour of Regio IX

To examine any of the eight featured insulae in Regio IX in more detail, select the insula from the map or from the table below. Each featured insula has its own individual plan, a full list of all properties it contains, and expanded details of the most notable buildings.

Reg IX, Ins 1
Mainly shops lining streets to west and south. A few large houses.
Reg IX, Ins 3
Mostly commercial premises. Includes the House of Marcus Lucretius.
Reg IX, Ins 5
Mainly shops lining the Via di Nola. Otherwise mostly housing.
Reg IX, Ins 7
Mostly commercial premises. Includes the House of Fortuna.
Reg IX, Ins 8
Insula mostly occupied by the House of the Centennial.
Reg IX, Ins 12
Only partially excavated. Impressive facades on Via dell'Abbondanza.
Reg IX, Ins 13
Limited excavation. Contains the House of C. Julius Polybius.
Reg IX, Ins 14
Partly excavated. Largest property is the House of M. Obellius Firmus.

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