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Reg II, Ins 8

General Description

House of the Garden of Hercules Reg II, Ins 8 lies along the east side of the Via di Nocera in the south western corner of Regio II near the Nucerian Gate.

The insula contains a series of small shops in the neighbourhood of the Porta Norcera, but more than half the insula is occupied by one large property, the House of the Garden of Hercules (also known as the House of the Perfumer). The house, first excavated in the early 1950s was restored in 1988.

Plan of the Insula..

........A. House of the Garden of Hercules

Full List of Properties

Name or Description
Area (Sq.m)
No of Rooms
Decoration and Comments
Shop with garden 562 4 Undecorated shop (popina?) with large garden area to rear.
Thermopolium 288 4 Thermopolium with garden to rear. Traces of decoration. Summer triclinium in garden. Remnants of decorated plaster behind triclinium.
Caupona 10 1 Single room. Substantial counter. Traces of decoration. Linked to entrance corridor of No.2.
4 Shop 10 1 Undecorated single room. Plaster remnants. Linked to No.5.
Workshop of Sabbatino 273 13 Vestibule with stone benches and table. First style decoration in rooms off vestibule. Further rooms and work benches in area leading to garden.
House of the Garden of Hercules 1494 10 Entrance on the Via di Nocera. Non-standard layout with courtyard acting as atrium. Summer triclinium in garden. Lararium on east wall of garden.

Tour of the Insula

To examine a featured building in more detail, select it from the above list. Where there is more than one property of interest in the insula, the buildings are arranged in order of reference number, which may not necessarily be the route chosen when actually visiting the site.

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