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Reg II, Ins 2

General Description

House of Octavius Quartio Reg II, Ins 2 lies along the south side of the Via dell'Abbondanza on the northern boundary of Regio II.
The insula contains mostly domestic properties, as can be seen from the detailed list below.

The largest domestic property, which occupies virtually the whole of the insula, is the House of Octavius Quartio. The house is in a reasonable state of repair and has extensive formal gardens. An impressive property and well worth a visit.

Plan of the Insula..

.A. House of Octavius Quartio

Full List of Properties

Name or Description
Area (Sq.m)
No of Rooms
Decoration and Comments
Caupona of Astylus and Pardalus 45 2 Undecorated thermopolium. Back room. Counter. Niche on east wall. Stairs up. Linked to No.2. Side entrance at No.6.
House of Octavius Quartio 2439 13 Fairly standard atrium/garden layout. Atrium leads onto Peristyle. Triclinium. Fourth style decoration. Mosaic flooring. 'T' shaped water feature in large garden. Posticum at No.5. Marble statuary, now in Boscoreale and Naples museums.
3 Caupona of Athictus 32 2 Undecorated shop. Niches on east and west walls. Room to rear. Plaster remnants. Stairs up. Linked to No.2.
4 House of Augustalis 408 12 Raised entrance with the Augustan emblem (a crown of oak between two laurel branches) over portal. Non standard layout. Fauces leads directly to peristyle with central garden. No surviving decoration. Ruinous state.

Tour of the Insula

To examine a featured building in more detail, select it from the above list. Where there is more than one property of interest in the insula, the buildings are arranged in order of reference number, which may not necessarily be the route chosen when actually visiting the site.

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