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Reg I, Ins 7

General Description

House of Paquius Proculus House of Fabius Amandus House of the Priest Amandus House of the Ephebus House I.7.19 Reg I, Ins 7 lies on the north side of Regio I, to the east of Insula 6, between the Via dell'Abbondanza and the Via di Castricio.

The insula contains a mix of commercial and domestic properties as can be seen from the detailed list below. Two of the houses, the House of Paquius Proculus and the House of the Ephebus, occupy more than half of the area of the insula. Both houses are in a fairly reasonable state of repair, and are still impressive enough to warrant a visit.

Plan of the Insula

.A. House of Paquius Proculus
.B. House of the Fabius Amandus
C. House of the Priest Amandus

.D. House of the Ephebus
.E. House I.7.19

Full List of Properties

Name or Description
Area (sq.m.)
No of rooms
Decoration and Comments
House of Paquius Proculus 809 14 Atrium. Tablinum. Triclinium. Large peristyle. Fourth style decoration throughtout. Extensive mosaic flooring in atrium. Stairs down in peristyle to service area. Access to basement areas at No.20.
2, 3
House of Fabius Amandus 131 13 Atrium with stairs up. Peristyle on two sides of garden to rear, offset to west from atrium axis. Stairs up in room off garden. Extensive third style decoration. Stairs up at No.2.
4 Taberna 50 2 Taberna with stairs up. Side room. Plaster remnants.
5 Officina 78 3 Vestibule. Tablinum. Plaster remnants in vestibule. Red and white fresco panels in tablinum.
6 Taberna of Primilla 22 1 Single room with stairs up. Plaster remnants. Airshaft to cellar.
House of the Priest Amandus 229 13 Long entrance corridor. Atrium with stairs up. Tablinum. Triclinium. Garden to west with rooms beyond and stairs up. Mixture of second, third and fourth style decoration. Series of small third style mythological paintings in the triclinium. Nine skeletons in entrance corridor.
Thermopolium 42 3
Thermopolium. Back room also accessed directly at No.9. Counter. Plaster remnants.
10-12 House of the Ephebus 654 20+ 3 entrances. Atrium. Additional front hall to north with stairs up and 7 rooms off. Lararium. To south 13+ rooms including tablinum, triclinium and garden. Stairs up. Third and fourth style decoration throughout. Bronze and glass vessels. Statue of an Ephebe. Linked to No.19.
13-14 Caupona of Masculus 105 5 2 back rooms in No.13. Counter and back room in No.14. Electoral propaganda on external wall of No.14. Plaster remnants.
15-17 House/workshop 258 11 Shop at No.15 linked to No.16. 2 back rooms. House, possibly converted workshop, at No.16. Long entrance passage. Central area with 5 rooms off. Workshop at No.17 linked to entrance corridor of No.16. 4 rooms. Plaster remnants.
18 Taberna of Niraemius 136 7 7 rooms. 2 storey frontage. Extensive third style decoration.
19 Unnamed house 340 14 Atrium with stairs up. Tablinum. Peristyle on two sides of garden offset from atrium-tablinum axis. Stairs up. Steps up to garden of House of Ephebus. Third and fourth style decoration.

Tour of the Insula

To examine a featured building in more detail, select it from the above list. Where there is more than one property of interest in the insula, the buildings are arranged in order of reference number, which may not necessarily be the route chosen when actually visiting the site.

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