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Reg I, Ins 4

General Description

House of the Citharist Reg I, Ins 4 lies at the junction of the Via dell'Abbondanza and the Via Stabiana. The insula has sustained considerable damage in the past and most of the properties are in a semi-ruinous or ruinous condition.

The insula contains mostly commercial properties as can be seen from the detailed list below. The most prestigious domestic property in the insula is the House of the Citharist, one of the largest houses in Pompeii. Although in a poor general state, the house is still an impressive property and worth a visit.

Plan of the Insula..

.A. House of the Citharist

Full List of Properties

Name or Description
Area (Sq.m)
No of Rooms
Decoration and Comments
Unnamed house 230 8 Fairly standard atrium/garden plan. Atrium. Tablinum. Peristyle . Nos.1 and 3 are shops linked with the atrium. Stairs up. Little surviving decoration. Semi-ruinous.
Shop 38 2 Undecorated shop with back room. Window in south wall overlooking No.3. Semi-ruinous state.
5,25 House of the Citharist 2318 50+ 2 atria. 3 peristyles. 50+ rooms. Private baths suite. One of the largest houses in Pompeii. Little surviving decoration. Bronze statue of Apollo Citharoedus.
6 Shop 22 2 Undecorated shop with back room. Linked to atrium of No.5. Ruinous state.
7 Fullonica of Passaratus and Maenianus 66 3 3 undecorated rooms. Ruinous state.
Shop 16 1 Undecorated single room with stairs up. Ruinous state.
9 Unnamed house 231 11 Atrium. Tablinum. Stairs up. Little decoration. Ruinous state.
10 Shop 22 1 Undecorated single room. Ruinous state.
11 Caupona of Copiosus 66 4 4 undecorated rooms. Ruinous state.
12 Shop/bakery 218 6 6 rooms. Millstones. Oven. Stairs up. No decoration. Linked to No.17. Ruinous state.
Shop 52 2 Undecorated shop with back room (left rear). Oven. Linked to No.14. Ruinous state.
Taberna 18 1 Undecorated single room with stairs up. Plaster remnants. Linked to No.13. Ruinous state.
15 Taberna D. Junius Proculus 35 1 Undecorated single room. Plaster remnants. Linked to No.16. Ruinous state.
16 Shop 13 1 Undecorated single room. Plaster remnants. 2 niches on south wall. Linked to No.15. Ruinous state.
17 Shop 32 2 Undecorated shop with back room. Plaster remnants. Linked to Nos.16 and 12. Ruinous state.
18 Taberna of Sabinus 37 2 Undecorated shop with stairs up. Back room. Plaster remnants. Ruinous state.
19 Shop 36 2 Undecorated shop with back room. Plaster remnants. Ruinous state.
20-21 Shop 18 1 Shop at No.20. Undecorated single room. Stairs up at No.21.
22 Casa del Pressorio di Terracotta 152 11 Long entrance passage (fauces). Central atrium. Tablinum. 11 rooms. Plaster remnants. Marble puteal. Marble table. Ruinous state.
23-24 Shops 66 4 Undecorated shops. 2 back rooms. Linked to fauces of No.22. Ruinous state.
26 Shop with apartment 45 4 Undecorated shop with living quarters. Plaster remnants.
27 Thermopolium 41 3 Undecorated thermopolium. Counter with hearth. Back room. Latrine. Plaster remnants.
28 House of Q. Octavius Romulus 113 6 Atrium. Stables. Plaster remnants. Blocked up link to No.25.

Tour of the Insula

To examine a featured building in more detail, select it from the above list. Where there is more than one property of interest in the insula, the buildings are arranged in order of reference number, which may not necessarily be the route chosen when actually visiting the site.

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