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Reg I, Ins 12

General Description

Pistrinum of Sotericus Caupona of Sotericus Garum Workshop House I.12.11,10 Reg I, Ins 12 lies on the south side of the
Via dell' Abbondanza and is bounded by the Vicolo della Nave Europa to the west and the Vicolo dei Fuggiaschi to the east.

The insula is a mixed development with commercial and domestic properties, some of which are of considerable interest and charm. The Pistrinum of Sotericus and the Garum Workshop are among the properties discussed here in some detail.

Plan of the Insula

.   Key:
..... A. Pistrinum of Sotericus
......B. Caupona of Sotericus
......C. Garum Workshop

      D. House I.12.11,10

Full List of Properties

Name or Description
Area (sq.m.)
No of rooms
Decoration and Comments
Pistrinum of Sotericus
529 14
Bakery. Rooms and balcony above frontage. Four mills. Fourth style decoration in three rooms. Brick and masonry oven. Portico overlooking garden area. Semi-ruinous state.
3 Caupona of Sotericus
157 6 Remains of fresco decoration and graffiti on facade. Decorated counter. Stairs up. Third style decoration in three rooms. Painted lararium in kitchen.
Workshop 13 1 Remains of fresco decoration and graffiti on facade. Single room. Large areas of undecorated plasterwork. Masonry mortar.
177 5 Masonry counter. Non impluviate Atrium. Triclinium with some remaining third/fourth style decoration. Plaster remnants elsewhere. Back yard. Semi-ruinous state.
Unnamed house
355 11 Irregular plan. Fauces opens directly onto peristyle colonnaded of four sides. Plaster remnants. Ruinous state.
Unnamed house
186 6
Irregular layout. Atrium with impluvium. Small garden to rear. Fourth style decoration in 1 room. Plaster remnants elsewhere. Ruinous state.
Garum Workshop
410 10 Irregular plan. Rooms to south of peristyle in a ruinous state. Kitchen with masonry oven and lararium. Third style decoration in 1 room. Peristyle colonnaded on south side. Garden court to rear.
Unnamed house
120 7 Irregular layout. Atrium with stairs up. Small arched niches in atrium. Tablinum. Kitchen with masonry counter. Faded third style decoration in 1 room. Plaster remnants. Linked with No.14. Ruinous state.
Unnamed house
240 9
Irregular layout. Atrium. Tablinum with view over peristyle garden. Walls of peristyle retain large areas of fresco decoration. Extensive second and fourth style decoration. Kitchen with masonry hearth and painted lararium. Workshop at No.10 with stairs up. 
12-13 Shop
41 2 Shop with room to rear with own access to street (No.13). Niche in west wall. Plaster remnants. Ruinous state.
14 Horticultural plot
Horticultural plot. Niches on north wall.
15 Unnamed house
339 7 Irregular layout. Atrium. Triclinium with masonry couches. Decorated niched lararium on east wall of triclinium. Large horticultural plot to north. Plaster remnants. Ruinous state.
16 Unnamed house
160 7 Irregular layout. Remains of fresco decoration in fauces and atrium and one other room. Small garden area with garden scene incorporating a painted fountain or labrum. Kitchen with masonry hearth. Plaster remnants. Semi-ruinous state.

Tour of the Insula

To examine a featured building in more detail, select it from the above list. Where there is more than one property of interest in the insula, the buildings are arranged in order of reference number, which may not necessarily be the route chosen when actually visiting the site.

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