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We are looking forward to our November membership meeting to present our final check to the University of Tennessee.  This check fully endows our scholarship that was initiated in 2014! We are hoping YOU will join us November 13th at 6 PM for a dinner at Merelli's in the Venetian Room at 4884 Chambliss Avenue in Knoxville.  We will collect RSVPs by Thursday November 8th for this event. The cost is approximately $25, and you may turn in payment to our Treasurer Donna Kimble when arriving. Our buffet menu includes:

    House Salad and Bread
    Chicken Parmigiana
    Spaghetti Pomodoro
   Cheese Lasagna
    Mashed Potatoes
   Mini Cannolis for Dessert

   Cash Bar is Available

Please RSVP to by Monday, November 8th. 

Thank you to all who attended our Dream Board meeting.  Your ACW Board of Directors is very excited about the enthusiasm you showed for making ACW a fibrant, relevant force in the construction industry and will be having a Board Member retreat to consider all the options you brought to the table.

July 11, 2018

ACW Dream-Board Workshop

    Our July meeting will be hosted by Kym Clevenger, July 11th at NOON at The Assurance Center, 10325 Technology Drive, 37932.  We will be having an ACW Dream-Board Workshop, discussing our biggest goals and wishes for the future of ACW. 

    We will enjoy a box lunch
 together (cost is $10-don't forget to RSVP to and discuss heartily some important questions. We would love to hear from you at the meeting!  What?  You aren't an official member of ACW but have been attending our meetings?  This meeting is for you, too!   We welcome the input of non-members who are willing to help us move in a direction that would make membership in ACW a great benefit to them and their companies.

 As we have a few weeks until our meeting, allow the following questions to turn over in your mind.  Seriously ponder them and come share your thoughts with everyone.

 1. What are your personal wishes and/or goals as an active member of ACW?  Why did you join?  (Not a member yet?  What would make you want to join?)
 2. What does your employer expect you to gain from membership?
 3. To what do you wish to see ACW contribute as our involvement in the current local construction industry? What needs our attention?
 4. We are a driven group that sets goals to raise funds that directly benefit the construction community. We have endowed 4 major scholarships at three college/universities.  Where should we direct any future fundraising endeavors? More university scholarships?  High School scholarships?  Habitat projects?  Special remodeling needs in the Knoxville metro area such as Boys & Girls Clubs, etc?  More ideas, please?  
     If you have been a witness to a particular event that was a successful fundraiser, lifting up attendees and was a lot of FUN, would you share your ideas/perspective?
 5. We seek constructive criticism!  After all, we would rather build it than clean it!  Is there anything you would like to help improve?
   We hope to see everyone there!  RSVP to by Monday, July 9, 2018.

2018 Officers and Board of Directors

   Here is your 2018 leadership team:


President:  Jennifer Shorter

Vice President:  Kym Clevenger

Treasurer:  Donna Kimble

Secretary:  Erin Gillison

Board members:

     Christine Dean

     Beth Crisco-Kestner

     Pam Robertson



Associated Construction Women now has a Facebook page for you to "like".  If you are part of the Facebook world, be sure to find our page and click "like".  You will find lots of photo albums when you click the photos tab and you can give us your feed back on events and issues on our wall.  Spread the word!  ACW is looking for a few (more) good women.