We are moving and have sold all we had for rabbits and down to one guinea pig for now.  We will get new stock when we move to North Dakota. Walker's Rabbitry!  We raise quality Rex with full or partial Pedigrees.  We also raise Cavy (Guinea pigs)!
    My name is Christin and I started raising rabbits with my daughters for 4H since 2008.   We love going to Rabbit shows and 4H events and Fairs as a family. We love learning new ideas and things about rabbits and the breeds.   As of October 15th, 2011 we added Cavy to our family.   Look at "Cavy(Guinea Pigs)" page to see what we have. 
 My husband Adam is starting a new hobby and selling them.  He is making wood burnt carving Plaques. Show Carrier Tables with Accessories, Grooming tables and Nesting Boxes.  (He is unable to make anything until winter because of work, but please email us if you are interested in anything he can make)

 Selling Rabbit Poo, which is the best fertilizer because it is a cold fertilizer which does not burn plants even if put directly on them. Selling it for $5 per bag, which we use empty Feed bags and the bags are 50 pound  feed bags(this does not mean 50 pounds of poo in the bags), filled to the max and sealed so no mess in vehicles. And you can even add this to the garden and let it sit over the winter months and till in the next spring after first thaw. 

 Please enjoy our website and email us if you have any question at acwalkerrabbitry@hotmail.com
We are members of the ARBA!
Proud members of 4H

Here is the Pledge we love!

Our Daughter  got Supreme Champion this year(2011/2012) for her pen of fryers.  "You can do it", we keep telling her and she proved she knows her stuff this year and the look on her face was priceless when the judge said "Champion"  We would like to thank 4D's Rabbitry for the great White NewZealands we used for the pen of Three.

Our Middle Daughter with her first year fryers.  She did very well and was surprised on how well she could do.

This is Buddy our Chocolate Rex Buck.  He was the first member of the Rex we got!  We now have four Bucks and Four does.  The Standards for a Rex what we are striving for and full pedigrees.


Our newest members to our family.  American Cavy(guinea pig) Pups born July 2nd, 2012.  We love this breed and are working on getting them all with full pedigrees.  We are working on the standards as well.