The First Years Electric Breast Pump. Alaris Gh Syringe Pump. Manual Gasoline Transfer Pump.

The First Years Electric Breast Pump

the first years electric breast pump
    breast pump
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Year 2 ~ Day 40: Me and the Boyz
Year 2 ~ Day 40: Me and the Boyz
Today we had a birthday party for our friend Marilyn. Of course I had to get a fisheye group shot. But I had to separate the group shots because there's no way we would fit everyone in a group shot like this. There were probably about 35 of us....and that's not including the kids. So I split it up and shot one with just the guys, one with just the girls, and one with just the kids. :) These are the guys I went to college with. We were a tight group throughout college and we've remained so over the past 13 or so years since we've graduated from college. We've all managed to stay in the SoCal area. Great group of guys. I've probably known them for a combined 125-130 years. How scary is that.
2010 / Happy New Year
2010 / Happy New Year
everyone of us , live personal life but now i gotta guide u ,,try to keep yourself away off probs. and keep the smile always on ur face .. 2010 ... its time to change ........... don't give up ..................... keep goin / [ Happy New Year ] _________________________________________________________ - Taken By : Selftimer - Model : Me .. - idea and edit By : me

the first years electric breast pump