Wall mounted electric heaters. Propane tankless water heater review

Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

wall mounted electric heaters
    electric heaters
  • (Electric Heater) A furnace is a device used for heating. The name derives from Latin fornax, oven. The earliest furnace was excavated at Balakot, a site of the Indus Valley Civilization, dating back to its mature phase (c. 2500-1900 BC).
  • Are most common on portable spa systems.  They are a resistive type heater that heats the water as it  flows over the element.  Water flow is critical to proper operation. Without flow, if the heater should come on, it will burn up very quickly and can even damage pipes.
  • (electric heater) a small electric space heater
    wall mounted
  • (wall mount) A single-face sign mounted on a wall. Another name for a wall sign.
  • (Wall Mount (AC)) Self contained AC unit mounted on outside of building wall (commonly front wall)
  • Fixed to a wall
  • (Wall Mount) UpType of vertical blind installation where the head rail is mounted on the wall or trim surrounding the door or window.

Thermador two coil
Thermador two coil
This is a very rare Thermador space heater dating back to the mid 1930s I presume. There is latterly nothing pertaining to vintage Thermador heaters of the 20s-30s on the internet! What I have found out about the company is that they were based in LA and Oakland CA, and started by manufacturing an electric footstool in the mid 1920s. Today, they make stoves and such. Also, they are mostly known for wall mounted heaters in bathrooms of the 30s-50s.
I don't know about you, but if I had a spare ?800,000 or so lying about to spend on a relatively small apartment, I wouldn't be heartily encouraged by these large photographs mounted about the site... Cheap wall panel electric heaters, wires strewn over the timberwork, holes in the skirting... Or do first impressions/attention to detail not count?! I know it's not actually representative of the final finish, but really!

wall mounted electric heaters
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