Glue Down Bamboo Flooring

glue down bamboo flooring
    bamboo flooring
  • Bamboo floors are manufactured from the bamboo plant. The majority of today's bamboo flooring products originate in China and other portions of Asia. The species of bamboo used for flooring is commonly known as "Moso".
    glue down
  • The glue-down method involves directly gluing the planks to the floor beneath it.
glue down bamboo flooring - Hand Scraped
Hand Scraped Solid Hardwood Flooring Bamboo in Toast
Hand Scraped Solid Hardwood Flooring Bamboo in Toast
HL10 Bamboo is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring material providing exotic beauty that will enhance any room in your home. Custom hand scraped planks are unique and make your floor a ''One-of-a-Kind . This flooring can be installed on 2 levels. Our patented technology assures years of comfort. Our Like other natural products, differences in the tone and appearance are what make this flooring beautiful. Floor is easily cleaned with a soft brush or damp mop. Specifications: -Species: Bamboo. -Color: Toast. -Construction: Solid. -Installation Type: Nail Down Glue Down. -Edge: Beveled. -Surface Type: Hand Scraped. -Width: 4.75 . -Length: 47.25 . -Thickness: 0.63 . -Square Feet per Carton: 24.94 sq ft. Related Trim -Quarter Round: HL18QR. -T-Molding: HL18TM. -Reducer: HL18HSR. -Threshold: HL18CR. -3.5'' Nosing: HL18SN. -Wall Base: HL18WB. Warranty: -Residential: 25 Years. Installation

78% (18)
Ork Tower - Touch of glue
Ork Tower - Touch of glue
One of the great things about scratch building, you can find materials everywhere, and they are a lot cheaper than buying a piece for a specific purpose. You can see here the materials that I have collected over the course of a week, just during day to day errands, that will work great for this build. Also, when you find items like these, get extra, they do not spoil or go bad! Some of the items that I found were straws, extra bits of foam-core, a plastic clear CD dividers, industrial staples (for a staple gun I have in the tool box), wire, and bamboo barbeque skewers (I love to grill, so I might have to go easy on these). Everyone knows that orks meks will use anything to weld, bolt or rivet into a structure to give it strength. So use whatever you can, no set angles and no wrong answer in adding depth and detail to your building. Most people have shown that corrugated sheeting is made from cardboard, just strip off one of the covering layers and there you go. But, a little known tip is to use the cup holders you get from the overpriced coffee shops…you know the ones I am talking about, the ones that sell Grande Mocha Latte Crappacinos. They only have one side, and have a smaller curve, great for adding variety to your “Tin Bits”. While you are there, grab some stir straws or sticks, they are great for pipes, or wood flooring, and at the whopping price of FREE, you cannot go wrong. One of the things that I like to do is break up the pattern, too many times I have seen perfectly square, industrial built models. They look like the “cookie cutter” models, not like they were built on the battlefield, under the pressure of combat. Having served a few years in the military, and going to some nasty places, I have built some of my own hunker down spots. Even with the choice of materials, and good tools, not to mention a little construction experience, mine never came out looking like some of the perfect builds you usually see. So this being said, I tend to use just about everything that I can to make the exterior look rough and slapped together. Bits of cut foam core is a quick build up, than I will add screws, bolts nuts, bits of plastic, and other junk. I use all these to try and hide the edges and lines, as well as over the edges of the holes. Below you can see some of the examples of how I have started to build it out and get the rough details. I used a different material on each of the sides so that you can see the various thicknesses and textures that are available, and how you can break up the edges. The different materials present different challenges and different bonuses to the project. 1) FOAM CORE BITS – Little bits of cut foam core, small enough to call trash, but big enough to use to break up the outline of the building. If your using foam core, you will have plenty of this around, if you don’t…I need to read your tutorial. This stuff is good for the major bits, but leave a lot to later touch up and detailing. I use it so that I have stand off pieces to glue other odds and ends to. 2) PLASTIC – DVD Cases, CD dividers and other plastic items are easy to work with in random straight lines, as all you have to do is score the item bend and it will break along the line. Leaving a nice quick piece, and can be painted to look like smooth stock metal sheets. Bead up some glue on the edges and you have a piece that was welded over another piece. 3) WOOD, STIR STICK, POPSICLE STICK, AND TONGUE DEPRESSORS – They are easy to use, cut and make various marking on. Take three or four wood stir sticks, break the end and cut the other end flush for planked flooring. Take some wire cutters, and squeeze hard to score a tongue depressor, bend and it will bread along the line. This is good for larger metal sheets, and if you take an Exact-O blade or other share razor to the edge, you can make it look weathered, worn or cut! Three stir sticks glued togeather makes a cheap I-Beam. Glue along the very edge of one, than center it along the flat of another. Do this again, and you have a free I-Beam. These lovely items are found in all sorts of rubble, and war torn cities, and if you try to buy one from a hobby store, you will pay a fortune. You can see one I made in the photos below[/i] 4) CARDBPOARD – Strip off one side of the paper to reveal the corrugated inside, a few coats of various paints and now you have sheet metal siding, just like the trailer park back home….sorry, maybe not your home!
Ork Tower - Base and second floor
Ork Tower - Base and second floor
I purchased a German Infantry model from a local hobby shop, not interested in the soldiers; I just wanted the bits that came with them. Daggers, shovels, rifles, packs and grenades! I painted a few of these up to add about the tower, make it look like the orks may have picked the stuff up off the battle field, and just dropped it where around the tower. Not very clean beasts! I also added some more of the chain about, figuring they would have a good idea for hanging something, did it once and never picked it back up. While I was doing this, I also found that I had forgotten to include a ladder to the third floor. I remembered to leave an area for it next to the door to the second floor room, but never used the staples. So using some bamboo skewers, the kind the you get for BBQ’s, I trimmed and cut out some lengths to make a wood ladder. Using some 12gauge metal craft wire and a drill, I made the rope. I took a length of about 24 inches, folded it in half and then inserted it into the end of the drill and locked it down. I held the looped end with an old pencil, inserting it into the loop. Than it was just drill away till it was twisted to the desired tightness. Cut the twisted wire into lengths of about ? inch, and wrap them into a “U” shape over a bamboo skewer. Once you have enough, slide them over the joints where you have glued the rungs in place in the shape of an X, and you now have a rope bound ladder. A couple coats of Badabb Black, Mud and Gryphon Sepia and the wood is old and weathered, not paint the rope using Kermi Brown, a lighter brown and a quick dry brush with bleached bone and your ready

glue down bamboo flooring
glue down bamboo flooring
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