Floor wax applicators : Waxing stained concrete floors

Floor Wax Applicators

floor wax applicators
  • (applicator) a device for applying a substance
  • (applicatorful) The amount that will fill an applicator
  • The Applicators are an American pop punk band. Their music is influenced by classic punk bands such as The Misfits and The Cramps, as well as Motorhead.
  • A person who applies a substance or installs something, such as house siding
  • A device used for inserting something or for applying a substance to a surface
    floor wax
  • a preparation containing wax and used to polish and preserve the finish of floors

Wax Applicator
Wax Applicator
This equipment is used to apply floor finish - it is best used in wide, wide open areas, can cut down the time and work significantly. This equipment is pricey
Fabricated fertilizer applicator
Fabricated fertilizer applicator
Field worker operating fabricated fertilizer applicator in a maize experimental plot. (file name: ISS_569)

floor wax applicators
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