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Best Floor Paint

best floor paint
  • The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk
  • shock: surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off; "I was floored when I heard that I was promoted"
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best floor paint - Fantastic Floorcloths
Fantastic Floorcloths You Can Paint in a Day
Fantastic Floorcloths You Can Paint in a Day
Those who want to give their home a new look without the time and expense of an extensive redecoration will love the great ideas in this book including: 21 canvas floorcloths and 2 sisal mat painting projects simple enough to create in a few hours; Fun-to-paint designs for every room of the house, every season of the year and every painting skill level - including a child's level; 12 accessory ideas for a coordinated look; Designs ranging from florals to graphic patterns to holiday motifs, including some especially appropriate for kids' rooms; Fantastic Floorcloths You Can Paint in a Day makes adding creative touches to the home as easy as picking up a paintbrush.

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The Face on the Barroom Floor... by Herndon Davis.
The Face on the Barroom Floor...  by Herndon Davis.
The Face on the Bar Room Floor is a painting on the floor of the Teller House Bar in Central City, Colorado, United States. It was painted in 1936 by Herndon Davis. Story of the painting Davis had been commissioned by the Central City Opera Association to paint a series of paintings for the Central City Opera House; he was also requested to do some work at the Teller House. One afternoon at the bar he became embroiled in a heated argument with Ann Evans, the project director, about the manner in which his work should be executed. The upshot of the fight was that Davis was told to quit, or else he would be fired. According to one version of the story, the painting was the suggestion of a busboy named Joe Libby; knowing that Davis would soon be fired, he suggested that the artist "give them something to remember [him] by". In Davis' own words, The Central City Opera House Association hired me to do a series of paintings and sketches of the famous mining town, which they were then rejuvenating as an opera center and tourist attraction. I stayed at the Teller House while working up there, and the whim struck me to paint a face on the floor of the old Teller House barroom. In its mining boom heyday it was just such a floor as the ragged artist used in d’Arcy's famous old poem. But the hotel manager and the bartender would have none of such tomfoolery. They refused me permission to paint the face. Still the idea haunted me, and in my last night in Central City, I persuaded the bellboy Jimmy Libby to give me a hand. After midnight, when the coast was clear, we slipped down there. Jimmy held a candle for me and I painted as fast as I could. Yet it was 3 AM when I finished. Whatever the inspiration, Davis did not sign his work, and soon the bar's owners chose to capitalize on it. They advertised the painting as that from the poem "The Face on the Barroom Floor" by Hugh Antoine D'Arcy. The actual subject of the painting is not known for certain, but is believed to be Davis' wife Nita. The Face on the Barroom Floor 'TWAS a balmy summer evening, and a goodly crowd was there, Which well-nigh filled Joe's barroom, on the corner of the square; And as songs and witty stories came through the open door, A vagabond crept slowly in and posed upon the floor. "Where did it come from?" someone said. " The wind has blown it in." "What does it want?" another cried. "Some whiskey, rum or gin?" "Here, Toby, sic 'em, if your stomach's equal to the work -- I wouldn't touch him with a fork, he's filthy as a Turk." This badinage the poor wretch took with stoical good grace; In face, he smiled as tho' he thought he'd struck the proper place. "Come, boys, I know there's kindly hearts among so good a crowd -- To be in such good company would make a deacon proud. "Give me a drink -- that's what I want -- I'm out of funds, you know, When I had cash to treat the gang this hand was never slow. What? You laugh as if you thought this pocket never held a sou; I once was fixed as well, my boys, as any one of you. "There, thanks, that's braced me nicely; God bless you one and all; Next time I pass this good saloon I'll make another call. Give you a song? No, I can't do that; my singing days are past; My voice is cracked, my throat's worn out, and my lungs are going fast. "I'll tell you a funny story, and a fact, I promise, too. Say! Give me another whiskey, and I'll tell what I'll do -- That I was ever a decent man not one of you would think; But I was, some four or five years back. Say, give me another drink. "Fill her up, Joe, I want to put some life into my frame -- Such little drinks to a bum like me are miserably tame; Five fingers -- there, that's the scheme -- and corking whiskey, too. Well, here's luck, boys, and landlord, my best regards to you. "You've treated me pretty kindly and I'd like to tell you how I came to be the dirty sot you see before you now. As I told you, once I was a man, with muscle, frame, and health, And but for a blunder ought to have made considerable wealth. "I was a painter -- not one that daubed on bricks and wood, But an artist, and for my age, was rated pretty good. I worked hard at my canvas, and was bidding fair to rise, For gradually I saw the star of fame before my eyes. "I made a picture perhaps you've seen, 'tis called the `Chase of Fame.' It brought me fifteen hundred pounds and added to my name, And then I met a woman -- now comes the funny part -- With eyes that petrified my brain, and sunk into my heart. "Why don't you laugh? 'Tis funny that the vagabond you see Could ever love a woman, and expect her love for me; But 'twas so, and for a month or two, her smiles were freely given, And when her loving lips touched mine, it carried me to Heaven. "Boys, did you ever see a girl for whom your soul you'd give, With a form like the
In My Place
In My Place
Today my mom came over and we rearranged and cleaned my living room area. The other day it had been my bedroom that we fixed up. I'm trying to minimize since I'm such a maximizer at times. Anyway, tonight one of my best friends came over, and we watched Dexter on DVD. My, that show seems addicting..but it's quite scary how you can become sympathetic/attracted to someone who kills people (but it's just for the right reasons)! I can't wait until tomorrow to see some more episodes.

best floor paint
best floor paint
Floorcloth Magic: How to Paint Canvas Rugs for Decorative Home Use
You're tired of staring at bare hardwood floors, but the Oriental rug you covet is prohibitively expensive. The solution? A floorcloth that you can make yourself for a fraction of the cost of an area rug or carpet. Floorcloths - hand-painted durable canvas rugs - have become popular again because of a renewed interest in Early American decorating techniques. And since the most appropriate place for a floorcloth is on the hardwood floors used in so much of today's interior decoration, they complement today's lifestyle. The design possibilities, from country to contemporary, are endless.
Filled with essential techniques and sensational color variations, FLOORCLOTH MAGIC: HOW TO PAINT CANVAS RUGS FOR DECORATIVE HOME USE is the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to creating beautiful paint-based rugs for your home. It provides basic how-to instruction on every material, tool, and technique, plus recipes for paint finishes, including sponging, stamping, marbling, stenciling, ragging, and more. An introduction to color palettes and pattern development makes this a useful guide for a beginner as well as a valued resource for any craftsperson.

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