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Our center is an authentic natural health clinic specialized in treating mind, body and spiritual problems through acupuncture, personalized herbs, unique nutrition supplements and counselling.

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Meet Dr. Jing Shen   
L.Ac., OMD, Dipl. Ac., Dipl C.H., is our leading practitioner, NCCAOM National Certified Acupuncturist and Herbologist and she was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Using a few thousand years of traditional TCM knowledge plus individualized healing experience, Dr. Shen has helped many many patients restored the balance of their body, mind and spirit.
She has actively practiced Qigong for over twenty five years. She has a lots of successful experience in treating women’s infertility, PMS, MS, chronic pain, allergy, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, frozen shoulder, insomnia, and many more.  

TCM/acupuncture is a proven alternative for many chronic health issues based on United Nation WHO, If you have some health problems that hasn't responded to conventional medicine, Dr. Jing Shen may be able to help you.

Have You Thought about Solving Fertility and Women's Health Problems with Acupuncture and TCM?

Dr. Jing Shen has helped so many families reached their dreams with acupuncture & TCM alone or combination with modern Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).  With Dr. Shen's treatment plan/program in treating/boosting women's fertility, it costs only a small fraction of ART/IVF you may get pregnant naturally already. Why don't you try Dr. Shen's treatment plan first? At the end, if ART is still needed, Dr. Shen's treatment plan is still help to increase your ART/IVF success rate.   
Acupuncture can also be used before and after ART procedures like IVF transfer to increase pregnancy rate (nourish the soil before planting the seeds). For more information, please read Research Publications of Acupuncture and ART

Western medicine has proven how acupuncture improves fertility, the TCM theory is based on thousands of years of empirical evidence. Together they support acupuncture is effective at treating infertility both alone or in combination with modern medicine.
For more information regarding Acupuncture and Infertility please read our Infertility page under TCM and Health section or click here to Read More... 
Dr. Shen invites you to call/e-mail and schedule your initial consultation session and discuss your specific case with you. 

Do You Have any Pain?    

If you have any type of common pains on your Neck, Shoulders, Back,  Legs, Arms,  Knee, Head, Migraine Headache or after surgery pain etc., Dr. Jing Shen will be able to help you to relieve pain usually Right After Very First Treatment.
Dr. Shen has very unique pain management skills and techniques with guaranteed effectiveness for most common pains listed above, mostly after very first visit. For immediately pain relief, please setup an appointment with Dr. Shen now. To read more about Dr. Shen's pain management, please go to acupuncture for pain management page and TCM and Health section.

What Our Patients Say About Dr. Shen

At my age of 77, I did not wish to undergo prolonged surgery with promises of 70% of success.  In addition, friends of mine that opted for surgery all had more than one surgery and the “curve” rate was below 50%. In addition, their range of motion, even with physical therapy was not acceptable. I have back and should pain for 20+ years and have been treated by pain relievers, massage therapy and chiropractic. After only three treatment with Dr. Shen, my range of motion back to 100% and I was pain free. I am endorsing this option “Acupuncture” to anyone who will listen.”
-- Donald R., St. Louis, MO

I am 41 year old with bad lower back and herniated disk for 2 years, and I have tried massage therapy, chiropractic, stretchingand inversion before. After three treatment with Dr. Shen, my total improvement is 1000%, my pain is gone and back is straight. I had amazing results in 1-2 visits and I wish that acupuncture was my first treatment. I can do things I haven't been able to do in two years.
-- Joel, Chesterfield, MO

I have neck and arm pain for three years and after two treatment with Dr. Shen, my pain was 100% went away. 
When I first went to Dr. Shen, I was on six medications, blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis and diabetes. The arthritis medicine gave me high blood pressure, so I was giving high blood pressure medicine. Taking one drug which caused other symptoms; it is an endless cycles.    
Dr. Shen was able to slowly wean me off of the prescriptions. When I had my annual checkup, all my blood tests were normal. My Western doctor could not believe it. She asked me how I did it. I told her I was seeing a Traditional Chinese doctor named Jing Shen. She told me to continue seeing her. She was amazed by the results. 
I have a very physical job. At one point, I thought I could no longer work. I had gotten to the point where I could no longer raise my arms above my chest. I was sent to specialists and I was told I needed surgery on both shoulders. I had thought about Chinese medicine for years. I decided it was time to try. Dr. Jing Shen told me she could cure me. That is exactly what she did. I can now move my arms in any position pain free. She definitely saved me from unnecessary surgery. My arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes are under control, without taking medications with all the harmful side effects.
-- Steve, St. Charles, MO

I am 34 year old with back and leg and arm numbness for 12 years. I have tried massage therapy, physical therapy and pain medicine before. After the very first treatment with Dr. Shen, I had a tremendous amount of relief and less swelling and no numbness. I would definitely recommend other people with all sorts of problems to give it a try.
-- Josh, St. Louis

I had back pain for about 10 years and I tried massage and other treatments before. After 4 treatments with Dr. Jing Shen, I have no back pain at all. I will recommend everyone has health problems to see Dr. Shen. She is an excellent person and excellent doctor. She helped me with my back pain and I am a brand new person now. Thank you Dr. Shen.
-- Amela, St. Louis

Acupuncture is not hurt as you imaged, and the needles are as fine as our hair. We are always using sterilized disposable needles.