White Tara Meditation Group

White Tara group is a meditation group that meets monthly on a Sunday afternoon, in Wolvercote, Oxford, and is open to all.   

We sit in simple silence, listen to recordings of teachings given by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and afterwards discuss together, with a cup of tea….and a biscuit if we’re lucky.  The aim is to provide a peaceful and accessible space for people to gather, touch base with the essential messages of Buddhism, and release from the hurly burly of the month.  We talk about what we hear in the teaching and relate it to our own lives and experiences. 

Occasionally we invite teachers and experienced practitioners to come and give a short teaching, holding that within our usual format, giving time for meditation before and after the teaching and discussing together over questions that arise out of the teaching. 

The group evolved out of Ringu Tulku’s yearly visits to Oxford, to provide a continuity and format in which to meet and practice together.  Whoever comes along creates the group that month.  There are long-term practitioners among us and others new to these teachings.  The simple sitting practice provides a space in which all these aspects can come together; we welcome the riches all our different lives bring.

White Tara herself is a female Buddha, a representation of embodied enlightened qualities.  The image of her here was painted by Ringu Tulku's brother, Salga, a well-known thangka-painter.  She symbolises limitless wisdom and compassion, particularly directed towards good health, long life and the wisdom of seeing clearly.  Meditating on her can thus help us connect with our own innate, pure awareness which ultimately is also our ‘deathlessness’ (a quality she is traditionally said to bring out).  In this capacity, she supports all spiritual enquiry and practice, which is why we chose this energy or ‘aspiration’ to oversee our gatherings.  

We meet on a Sunday afternoon, usually the first Sunday of each month, from 4 – 6.30pm, in a private converted barn in Wolvercote, Oxford. The focus is relaxed, the setting is beautiful and peaceful, and all are welcome.  If you would like to know more or come along, please contact Mary .

Upcoming meetings:  

Sunday 12th July White Tara group meeting by Zoom

 White Tara Group Day Retreats

Day retreats run 10am to 4pm on selected Sundays and can be attended as a series or individually.

The format will be sitting and walking practice and teaching in the morning, followed by a bring-and-share lunch, and group practice of the White Tara sadhana in the afternoon.  All welcome, also possible to attend for the morning only.

 - kum nye - White Tara sadhana - OM healing 

 - kum nye - White Tara sadhana - Protection Circle 

Ringu Tulku giving the White Tara empowerment at the barn, 8th July 2015

Ringu Tulku's public teaching at Friends Meeting House - Bodhicitta - 8th July 2015

Sunday 2nd October 2016: 5th Birthday of group 
Visit of Lama Wangmo & talk on the practice of Tonglen

Ringu Tulku's teachings we have listened to include:

Daring Steps Towards Fearlessness
The Eightfold Path

Sometimes, we send out a short excerpt from the teaching listened to each month.  Some past transcripts are available below - to read or download (for private use only).  Transcripts from earlier meetings have been published in a small book as part of Ringu Tulku's Heart Wisdom Series, under the title "Journey from Head to Heart" (see the Books page), which also includes some teachings about White Tara.  Available from Bodhicharya Publications and Amazon.

Transcripts of Ringu Tulku's teachings: 

Transcript 1 

Ringu Tulku introducing The Eightfold Path 1

Transcript 2 

Ringu Tulku introducing The Eightfold Path 2

Transcript 3 

Ringu Tulku Looking at Right View

Transcript 4 

Ringu Tulku on Humility

Transcript 5 

Ringu Tulku on Right Thought

Transcript 6 

Ringu Tulku on Love and Attachment

Transcript 7

Ringu Tulku on Right Speech

Transcript 8 

Ringu Tulku answers questions about Right Speech

Milarepa's advice to Palderbum

Dr Mingji Cuomo came to White Tara group to talk about the newly set up "Snow Lotus Tibetan Medical Foundation":  The aim of this charity will be to provide basic health care in rural areas of the Himalayan countries where Tibetan culture is practised.  Health care provision in some areas is so minimal as to be effectively none.  The project aims to address this, using Mingji's network of contacts in Tibet, both in Lhasa and rural areas, and contacts in Oxford University to guide research into what is appropriate.  Crucially the medical model used will be taken from Traditional Tibetan Medicine, thus preserving this fount of wisdom and cultural knowing.  The aim is to incorporate basic international public health approaches to an essentially-Tibetan model.  Transcript available to download below.

Quote from His Holiness 17th Karmapa:

“I want to share with you a feeling I have.  I feel that my love does not have to remain within the limitations of my own life or body.  I imagine that if I am no longer in the world, my love could still be present.

I want to place my love on the moon and let the moon hold my love. Let the moon be the keeper of my love, offering it to everyone just as the moon sends its light to embrace the whole earth.”