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  • Kum Nye by Zoom
Autumn 2020 

THURSDAYS  4pm - 5.45pm, join meeting from 3.45PM  (UK time)

24th Sept, 1st, 8th & 15th Oct
5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Nov 

Please get in touch if you'd like to join, all welcome

We shall especially explore the meditation instructions:

“ Meditate like a mountain, with stability “

And choose some exercises, self-massages, movements and guided meditation to support an exploration of what this might mean to us.

A recent teaching, attuned to our times, spoke of how we often live as if we are on top of a very small, very high-up, platform.  We don’t have much leeway to bear things, and react to everything all the time, always up and down.  Its rather stressful to live like that, with constant fear and anxiety we will topple off our platform.  So, how would it be if we could make that ‘platform’ we live on, big and wide and expansive?  So we feel really stable.  It is, of course, all about our state of mind.  Imagine a really stable mind, where we could aspire to remain the same in all circumstances life throws at us.  I’m not suggesting we can do that straight away, but even a small step in that direction can transform our lives, and our way of relating with all sorts of situations. 

Kum nye is a wonderful tool to empower this ability, to expand and free the mind, so it can settle and stabilise.  To help us find that way of living as if our platform is broad and wide and stable.

We will explore what these words (and more) might mean, in experience, through the medium of meeting online to practise these body-based disciplines and see how such teaching relates to our own lives.

Sessions will be £20 - £25 each, depending on how many people sign up.  Its best if you can attend all, as a course, but its also okay if you want to come to individual sessions.  They will work on a stand-alone basis too.

We have found these sessions are not actually a ’second best’ to being in the same room, but offer us a chance of something unusual - to practice together with the support of fellow ‘travellers,’ but while in our own space, and particularly in our own homes.  While the link is through the computer, and Zoom format, the focus is very much on being in the body, listening to our own body and gently practising with whatever is present.  Such practice can actually be transformative, which may be all the more needed in these pivotal times.

The best thing is if you can set up a portable device, but with a reasonable sized screen, somewhere near your meditation cushion / yoga area.  You will probably need a power supply for the length of our meeting (battery power goes down very fast on Zoom).  Set yourself up with a comfortable place to sit, on cushion and / or chair option, maybe with a blanket to hand.

Kum nye 

Kum nye comes from the Tibetan traditions of both healing and Buddhist meditation.  While it is like yoga in that we use our body to make movements and mobilise areas which get little attention, mindfully, it also offers something a little bit different.  Meditation is woven into the very fabric of the movements and elaborated in pauses between exercises.  It can be deeply relaxing and help restore us to our natural balance, ease and clarity.

The classes aim to provide a haven of peace in our busy weeks, where we can come back to our simple embodiment and find nourishment and centering for the week ahead.

The basic premise of kum nye is that our natural spontaneous nature is open and free, joyful and flowing.  
Life and our habitual reactions to it, tend to clog up this flow and block our clarity and ease.
Rather than analytically unpicking these habitual patterns that then take up residence in our being, in kum nye we directly tackle them through simply feeling directly and freeing up our energies and so our way of being.
Through physical postures and movement, we open up the flow of our body’s energy.
Through mindfulness throughout the movements, we bring the mind into harmonious connection with the body.
Through meditation practice, interspersed through a session, we allow the inherent clarity and creativity of the mind to come forward.
In this way, kum nye is a holistic practice for mind and body, tuning our senses and bringing us into harmony 
with the natural flow of life and the seasons.
Welcome to come and join us to explore all this in practice, and deepen your own understanding and experience of well being.

All welcome to join these sessions, which will provide full instruction so that new practitioners may learn, and also provide the time and space for more experienced practitioners to deepen their practice.  Please register in advance if you would like the join any sessions.

In addition to group kum nye classes, I also offer individual sessions.  These are for those who would like to explore their own practice of kum nye and/or put together a sequence of exercises they can practise themselves at home, or who have particular needs or interests they would like to follow up on a one-to-one basis.  

Weekly classes in Wolvercote, Oxford ~ suspended for now
"It's very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. 
Not only does it help prevent the onset of many illnesses that develop through chronic tension and worrying; 
it allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems." 
Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Kum Nye Through the Seasons is now incorporated into the weekly barn kum nye sessions.  We include some exploration of the season and the quality of nature present within and without as we cycle through the seasons of the year.  Inspired by the Taoist teachings of the Five Elements including that health stems from being in harmony with nature, in both time and place.

See Five Element acupuncture for more details on the philosophy of Five Elements