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Prostate Cancer

Jerry from Oakville (Prostate Cancer, Dribbling Urination, Frozen Shoulder, Skin Itchiness)

To Whom It May Concern:

I had cancer of prostate, which was cured by radiation ten years ago, but it came back with methastasis.My PSA started to rise again with more symptoms. I injured my shoulders and nothing was helping from
different treatments to pain killers.

I received acupuncture from Doctor Neek, certified acupuncturist and herbalist. He cured my "Frozen Shoulder", and started working on my other symptoms. He improved my blood circulation; I no loger had the heavy leg feeling. He eliminated pain from my crotch. I now empty my bladder fully without pain.
He reduced the severity of skin itchiness, sweating and hot flashes (side effect of hormonal therapy).
My sleep has improved. He also taught me some acu-pressure to use between treatments.

I feel well now, compared to last spring. He has improved my quality of life.
My name is Jerry Peterka and I am 77 years old.  Jan 1, 2010.