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Angela from Milton (Uterine Bleeding, Fibroids)

After spending several years with several doctors trying to provide me with conventional medicines for my bleeding uterine fibroid condition, I placed a call to Dr. Mort Neek as my last alternative to having a hysterectomy. 

Dr. Neek took the time to meet with me and have a long discussion about my condition, all of my symptoms, and provided me with a detailed explanation of how acupuncture and traditional Chinese medication may  assist me. 

He customized his approach to suit me, and included some of the other ailments I had unrelated to my fibroids.  After the first acupuncture session I felt a noticeable mental shift and was much calmer for the first time in years. 

When I began treatment I had been bleeding continuously for approximately 6 weeks, and within the first six weeks of treatment the intensity of my cramps weakened, and my bleeding began to lighten. 

Almost a year later, I am back to having a more traditional menses lasting 10-13 days, and am feeling incredible.  I would recommend Dr. Neek and his services to anyone looking for an alternative to conventional medicine.  Thank you.

Angela, Jul 23, 2010.