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Bipolar Disorder

T.R. from Oakville (Bipolar Disorder and Asthma)


Although hesitant to initially utilize the services of Dr. Neek, I am now in retrospect rather pleased with my decision to routinely return to his office for treatment.


I was originally diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder after coming to a major loss in my career and support network. I now know my illness was to blame for several unexplained trials in my life thus far. My Asthma has also been a crippling ailment that has at many times rendered me lifeless without the strength to move five feet.

Regarding the affects of Japanese Acupuncture on my illnesses, I have the following to say:


  • My level of calmness has increased with each additional week of therapy. This calmness basically amplifies the mood stabilizing effects of my medications, drawing my persona and attitude to a much more healthy and peaceful centre.  Typically, I am able to appear calm and collected with strangers, but I could never pull the wool over the eyes of my family members. It is those people that are close to me, that are finding me much more stable and easier to work with. I never expected this outcome, but I now am very appreciative of this incredible effect.


  • Regarding my Asthma, it was difficult to monitor a decrease in my condition as I proceeded with the acupuncture. Yet, there was a time when I reduced my treatments to bi-weekly sessions. One week following that, I went through three continuous weeks of illness. First I picked up Bronchitis, then I picked up a virus, and finally, I had another extremely bad flare up with my lungs.


I mentioned above that I reduced my treatments to bi-weekly. I also noticed a clear reduction in my ability to remain calm under stress. Hence, I have decided to resume weekly treatments.

Due to the nature of the stigma surrounding people with Bipolar Disorder, I have requested that Dr. Neek keeps my identity concealed. My current career, which supports my family, cannot be jeopardized in any way. If my testimonial resonates with you, or a loved one, please ask Dr. Neek about the progress in my treatment.


God Bless,

T.R., Nov 11, 2010