Your Daily Practice

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As you prepare to enter sleep, review how you used your energy during the day, how you invested your spirit, what you learned about the investments you should or shouldn't have made.

Review the events of today:

  • Think about how you feel about yourself and your life now that the day is over.
  • Ask yourself, "How do I open myself to receive guidance as I sleep?"

Your Seventh Chakra

  • Focus your attention on the crown of your head where your energy connects most directly to spiritual guidance.
  • Return to the truth that there is a divine reason for every single experience in your life.
  • Reflect on the million things that happened to you today and be appreciative of them all.
  • Remember that everything is a divine design for our learning and for our blessing.

Your Sixth Chakra

  • Focus your attention on your mind.
  • Ask yourself, "Did I invest my energy today in any negative attitudes, beliefs or perceptions?"
  • If so, identify them, take a deep breath, call that energy back and release it with the thought "I don't need this negativity."
  • Review any and all judgments you made about yourself or others, take a very deep breath and release them.
  • Look at the positive things you invested in today and be grateful
  • Repeat the prayer, "I release the desire to know why things happen as they do and the need to have my expectations met."

Your Fifth Chakra

  • Move your attention to your center of will and choices, your throat area.
  • Did you make choices that enhanced your life today? If so, bless those choices, take a deep breath and decide to put your energy into more of them.
  • What choices drained your energy? Review them, call your spirit back and tell it that you disempower those choices and release them.
  • Ask yourself "Did I speak with honesty and integrity?" If not, call your spirit back and release those words.
  • Take a deep breath and direct your will toward blessing the whole of your own life and all the people who are in your life.
  • Finally, say the prayer, "I release my will to divine guidance."

Your Fourth Chakra

  • Take a deep breath to the center of your emotions, your heart.
  • Review all of your emotions; are you angry? hurt? sad? Release all the negative feelings so you don't take them into your sleep with you.
  • Move into and feel the energies of love, compassion, appreciation of other people, and love of this life. Envision those energies as rose petals and walk through your entire day with the image that you are leaving those petals at every place you have walked.
  • Concentrate now on attitudes and feelings about love, on your need to be loved, and on people you love dearly. Ask your spirit to enter only into loving thoughts through the night.
  • How have you done with forgiveness today? Place each person you need to forgive in front of you and to each say, "This is what I need to forgive you for and I am working at doing that".
  • Now flip the coin and ask forgiveness of those you have harmed.
  • Picture leaving the rose petals with the prayer "I want to be at peace with you".
  • Say the prayer, "Teach me more about the divine power of love as I sleep".

Your Third Chakra

  • Move your attention to the center of self, your solar plexus.
  • Ask yourself, "Did I take care of my physical body today? Did I maintain the attitudes and belief patterns that best suit me?"
  • Take a deep breath, stretch out and feel the entire strength and health of your body. Identify any areas of weakness and loss of power. Call your spirit back.
  • Did you live up to your honor code or do you have to remind yourself to live it better tomorrow?
  • Were you judgmental or critical of yourself or others today or did you extend kindness and compassion?
  • Pray "Give me guidance on who I am and what my task is in this life; why I am with the people I am and how to best serve that role".

Your Second Chakra

  • Direct your thoughts to your spine, lower back, hips and genital area.
  • Do you have any negativity that you're carrying in regards to your relationships? Finances? Job? Creative ventures?
  • Feel all those fears, go into them and ask yourself, "Why am I so afraid of change?"
  • Release those fears with a prayer of trust to the Divine: "Move into my life. Change what you need because I am here for service. I may fear the changes but I trust the changes."
  • Now focus on the positive side of relationships, finances and creativity. Celebrate all the people whom you love and enjoy, the blessings you have and the ideas you have brought forth into the world.
  • Conclude with this prayer: "I offer myself as a gift-giver; let me use the gifts given me by the Divine to serve and honor others."

Your First Chakra

  • Focus on the base of your spine, your connection to Gaia, force of nature.
  • Place your body in a relaxed position and request Gaia,"Watch my body and give me guidance as I seek to resolve the issues I've put forth".
  • Take a deep breath and imagine your spirit beginning to lift and leave your body. Feel yourself unhooking as your energy begins to move through all your chakras, out the top of your head.
  • Stand over your body watching it sleep and then allow your spirit to let go, with the blessing, "I'll see you in the morning".