What is Wu Chi?

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WU CHI is pure attention, zero emptiness, corresponding to deep sleep. TAI CHI is one, containing the fractal dichotomy of Yang and Yin. Yang is time, Yin is space. Yang is characterized by the circle. Yin by the right angle. Symbolically Yang is a straight line, Yin is a broken line.

Yang ______________

Yin     _____         _____

In CHI, Yang is the direction upwards, Yin downwards. Yang is the closed circle, Yin is the open angle. Yang is clockwise, Yin counter-clockwise. Yang is hard, resistant and tense, Yin is soft, yielding and relaxed. This dichotomy can be directly experienced by the martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Aikido, etc. The martial arts originated in China, then spread to all of the other Eastern countries such as Japan and Korea.

As shown before Man unites three realms:

Microcosm       Body Earth

Mesocosm       Soul Man

Macrocosm     Spirit Heaven

Following the principal of recursiveness Yang and Yin take on similar, yet different meanings in the three realms. In Heaven Yang is light and Yin dark. In Man Yang is justice and Yin love. On Earth Yang is strong and Yin is weak, and in Nature Yang is male and Yin female. In Astronomy Yang is the Sun and Yin the Moon.

Out of sun and moon the twelvefold Zodiac is born. The Sun gives light and force, the Moon receives them. In Chinese thought the relations of the Sun and Moon forms four basic pictogramms:

Old Yang

6 Young Yang: ____ X ____   ->   __________

9 Young Yin:   _____O_____    ->   ____    ____

____    ____
____    ____
Old Yin

These create the four changes. Old Yang, is steady in movement and radiation; it is symbolized by the full moon and the sun at noon. It has the number 7, representing the seven Chakras. Old Yin is steady in receptivity and reflection. It is symbolized by the new moon and the midnight sun, the polar star. In the mythology of Chinese Taoism and of Islam, the polar star is the door to the New Earth, home of the Ancestors and your potential future. Old Yin has the number 8, the 8 space directions. Young Yang changes from darkness to light. From 6 ___ X ___ to 7 ______. It changes from its number 6, the family structure, to 7, individuality apart from the family. Young Yin has the number 9. It changes from light to darkness, from 9 ___O___, conception and change, to 8 __   __ receptivity. For the Chinese the four primary directions originate from these basic symbols.

4 states of change


The Chinese then extend the pictogram of duality to a trinity. They create a three line symbol called a trigram. This represents the next level of complexity in the world. Eight Yin-Yang combinations are possible with three components. The trigrams are thus numerically capable of depicting the eight basic types of consciousness (actually 7 consciousness + 1 Awareness). Each of the eight trigrams has an inner structure, image, motivation and essence as shown below.

1. Sense Soft/Pentrating Grass/Wind Yin Sensing Sun
2. Think Attaching Wood/Fire Yin Thinking Li
3. Feel Serene Lake Yin Feeling Tui
4. Will Receptive Earth/Cave Yin Willing Kun
5. Body Keeping Still Mountain Yang Feeling Ken
6. Soul Danger, Abyss River Yang Thinking Kan
7. Spirit Exciting Thunder/Lightening Yang Sensing Chen
8. Awareness Creative Heaven Yang Willing Chien


The eight trigrams can be considered spatially, all together as a whole, or temporally, one after the other. The spatial image of the trigrams requires reference to The Wheel because The Wheel follows the structure of space. The eight trigramms follow the eight directions shown on The Wheel.

Trigram Wheel


When the eight trigrams are looked at temporally, then you see a sequence like that of the chakras which is discussed in Chapter Seven on Energy. Zero is the absolute AWARENESS that manifests itself in us as 7 potentialities -- 7 energies. This is the time potential of the chakras. The seven come out of the Zero. Whereas in the I Ching spatial arrangement shown above, and the eight directions discussed in Chapter Eight, Zero stands with the other seven to make up the spatial components of reality. In the spatial arrangement the 0 becomes the 1 - the creative power of the East. The receptive power of the West is 2, the South is 3, and the North is 4. Here is the temporal sequence of the trigrams following the seven plus zero.