What is Holistic Medicine?

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What is Holistic Medicine? What is Healing?

Holistic Medicine is any system designed to look at the health of an individual as a whole.

Holistic Medicine doesn't focus on single symptoms, but instead aims to find the connections, the patterns, it looks for the big picture, how the body works as a unit. Holistic Medicine is about health and how we can be healthier. If one is to be healthier, one needs to step onto the path of healing.

There are certain important principles about healing from a holistic standpoint.

1. All healing is self-healing. Each person is potentially whole and has within him/her whatever resources are needed to manifest that wholeness. Healing comes from within. External interventions merely facilitate the inherent healing processes within the organism. Each cell has a DNA imprint from all our ancestors, the body is incredibly intelligent, we just have to learn how to listen to the signals that our body is communicating everyday. 

2. The mind is self-healing. The relationship between the conscious and unconscious is compensatory, the psyche is always attempting to bring about balance (of the unconscious and conscious) through dreaming. Modern sleep research has confirmed that whether awake or sleeping, we are dreaming all the time.

3. The body is self-healing. The body is always working to bring about balance through the polarities of yin and yang. The body works for homeostasis.

4. The body and mind are one. Everything is connected. There are multiple intelligences*

5. Healing involves activating and alignment with inherent healing processes. If one embraces the previous 4 principles, this is self-evident. In order to heal, one's obligation is to become aware of, activate and consciously align with patterned change inherent within the body. This is what is meant by self healing.

6. Maximum healing involves a holistic approach. No one healing intervention will enable a person to manifest the full scope of his/her wholeness. To maximally heal it is important not to limit ourselves to a single modality, but to incorporate several healing practices that encompass body, mind and spirit.

7. Healing is linked to being. If we consider the 'doing' versus 'being' polarity, doing involves the fight or flight response, motor activity, work, and the sympathetic nervous system. Being, in contrast, involves relaxation, digestion, sleep, and the para-sympathetic nervous system. Healing occurs whenever the parasympathetic nervous system is activated - whenever one is in 'being' mode.

Health is acknowledging, feeling, trusting and nurturing the intuitive sense that resides in the center. Health takes place in the here and now of the physical universe of your body. Intuition needs to be cultivated. We often mistrust ourselves, accustomed to looking to medical research and the media to tell us what we should or shouldn't be like. Then there is common sense - common sense is what we know because we heard it from everyone around us. Father knows best, Doctor knows best, statistics prove, they say that...But the best information comes from the signs and signals we've been hearing all our lives, from within.