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Andrew Cohen & Ken Wilber

Radical dialogues on enlightenment and the evolution of consciousness

The Evolution of Spirituality

Exploring the leading edge of human consciousness and the future of the universe

Sex, Religion, and Spirituality

In a world literally overflowing with divergent attitudes about sex and religion, how are we to navigate?

Can Buddhism Survive America?

An incisive look at Buddhism’s past, present, and future

Can Big Business Save the World?

Find out how higher values are transforming corporate culture

The Future of Religion

Can the great religions meet the challenges of the future?

Contemplative Christianity

From the desert fathers to the modern mystics: a new look at an ancient religion

Enlightened Politics

Spiritually inspired visions of a new political world

Collective Intelligence

Glimpsing humanity’s potential beyond the individual

Enlightenment for the 21st Century

Articles by Andrew Cohen, founder and editor in chief of What Is Enlightenment? magazine

Beyond Limits

Exploring the further reaches of human potential

Evan & Ella

A 21st-century tale of love, sex, enlightenment, and, uh, irony?

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“Is God All in Your Head?”

As neuroscientists race to connect every aspect of human experience to the firing of neurons in the brain, the battle between science and religion is heating up. Will science succeed in its quest to do away with God, the soul, and all things spiritual?

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Troubled Teens Get Help from TCM

The search for the fountain of youth has continued throughout the ages. It would be great if there existed a pill derived from natural sources to insure a long and healthy life...
Endometriosis Treatment and TCM

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Ayurvedic Internal Cleansing

Ayurvedic healers highly recommend periodic internal cleansing as a way to maintain good health and prevent disorders from taking root in the physiology...


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Acupuncture in Medicine

Volume 24 - 2006
Issue 1
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Issue 4


Page S0
[PDF - 52KB](Free access)


Osteoarthritis of the knee — an introduction
Adrian White
Pages S1-6
[Abstract][PDF - 110KB](Free access)

Clinical trials

Acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis — a randomised trial using a novel sham
Eric Manheimer, Byungmook Lim, Lixing Lao, Brian Berman
Pages S7-14
[Abstract][PDF - 161KB](Free access)

Acupuncture vs Streitberger needle in knee osteoarthritis – an RCT
Jorge Vas, Camila Méndez, Emilio Perea-Milla
Pages S15-24
[Abstract][PDF - 158KB](Free access)

The programme for the evaluation of patient care with acupuncture (PEP-Ac) — a project sponsored by ten German social health insurance funds
Klaus Linde, Andrea Streng, Andrea Hoppe, Susanne Jürgens, Wolfgang Weidenhammer, Dieter Melchart
Pages S25-32
[Abstract][PDF - 173KB](Free access)

Efficacy, effectiveness, safety and costs of acupuncture for chronic pain — results of a large research initiative
Claudia M Witt, Benno Brinkhaus, Thomas Reinhold, Stefan N Willich
Pages S33-39
[Abstract][PDF - 121KB](Free access)

Systematic review

The effectiveness of acupuncture for osteoarthritis of the knee — a systematic review
Adrian White, Nadine Foster, Mike Cummings, Panos Barlas
Pages S40-48
[Abstract][PDF - 215KB](Free access)


Safety of acupuncture for osteoarthritis of the knee — a review of randomised controlled trials, focusing on specific reactions to acupuncture
Hitoshi Yamashita, Shoko Masuyama, Kuniharu Otsuki, Hiroshi Tsukayama
Pages S49-52
[Abstract][PDF - 66KB](Free access)

The safety of acupuncture — evidence from the UK
Adrian White
Pages S53-57
[Abstract][PDF - 70KB](Free access)


Mechanisms of action of acupuncture for chronic pain relief — polymodal receptors are the key candidates
Kenji Kawakita, Kaoru Okada
Pages S58-66
[Abstract][PDF - 324KB](Free access)

Some of the effects of acupuncture in knee pain may be due to activation of the reward system
Thomas Lundeberg
Pages S67-70
[Abstract][PDF - 64KB](Free access)


The evidence on acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis — editorial summary on the implications for health policy
Adrian White, Kenji Kawakita
Pages S71-76
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