- 1 c. fresh brewed coffee (mixed with 3 tablespoons of kahlúa and 1 tablespoon of sugar)

- 40 lady fingers

- 6 egg yolks

- 1/3 c. of sugar

- 1 c. of whipped cream

- 1 1/2 c. of mascarpone cheese

- 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

- 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

1. First make the lady fingers by beating together 5 egg whites and 75 gr. of sugar until soft peaks form, in another bowl beat 4 egg yolks with 75 gr. of sugar and 1 tablespoon of vanilla until it turns light yellow, combine both mixtures and add 150 gr. of sifted flour stirring just until combined. Put the mixture in a pastry bag and start shaping the lady fingers in a prepared pan, bake them at 360°F for 10 minutes.

2. Make a sabayon by beating egg yolks with sugar in a medium bowl until flufffy and with a light yellow color then put it over a small pot with boiling water, stirring constantly until sugar disolves then remove from heat and let it cool. Add mascarpone, cinnamon, vanilla and whipped cream, beat until combined.

3. Cover a medium pan or bowl with a layer of mascarpone mixture and then take some lady fingers, soak them in coffee and arrange them close together, add another layer of mascarpone and repeat with lady fingers, continue until you make 4 layers.

4. Grate some chocolate on top and add sifted cocoa powder, for a better presentation decorate with coffee beans and a mint leaf.

Recipe From A Cup Of Cookery