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About Us:

Established in 2006 our aim was to supply new, unique and great value games and, while we did this, we aimed to reduce waste too, from the point of manufacturing ~ through to final delivery.

Our Eco Message:
We could have used bigger boxes and filled them with lots of fresh air
but, we aimed to reduce global waste and pollution at source, thus reducing our costs, reducing pollution and allowing us to give customers the best value for money.
We design our games and packaging to be as compact as possible without affecting the games playing quality.
Reducing the box size reduced the amount of cardboard used and equally the transport volume and weight too, this requires less fuel to be burned during transport and therefore causes less pollution to be pumped into our atmosphere, resulting in…

"Less air in the box" and "More clean air in your lungs"

Even though we’re sure you could never have brought yourself to discard one of our games, they were made from materials which could be fully recycled; they were manufactured by an ethical certified company who manufactures for other leading high street stores like W.H.Smith and Wal-Mart, so you can be assured of our product quality too.
Mission Statement:
We wanted you to remember us as a game publisher that worked harder to ensure you receive better value product for less of your money.
Using our creative skills we included more game playing options into a game to give you much more choice of game play too.

Ask yourself these questions…
Why do I usually receive only ONE GAME OPTION in my game box..? 
[Triagonal includes several]
Why does the box have to be OVERSIZED..?  [Triagonal is as compact as possible]
Don’t I deserve MORE for my money..? 
[Why pay for costly stale air in a box?]

It is unfortunate that Acumen Board Games has ceased producing unique board games due to the poor state of world financial markets which, caused too few sales to sustain our individual small business.
However, just because we don't manufacture games, it doesn't stop us designing new ones.., for example ~ our new Twisties game.