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Sleeve Kids T Shirts

sleeve kids t shirts
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Hannari Tofu Kids T-shirts
Hannari Tofu Kids T-shirts
Don't let the adults have all the fun. Now kids can, too. All your favorite Hannari Tofu T-shirts are available: Peeking Green Bean, Stack of Plums, Grilled Tofu Donburi, Watchful Green Bean, and Plum Filling. Each Hannari Tofu Kids T-Shirt comes in Small and Extra Small.
Hannari Tofu Watchful Green Bean T-shirt
Hannari Tofu Watchful Green Bean T-shirt
Let everyone know your mutual devotion to Hannari Tofu by adding this cuddly Green Bean T-Shirt to your wardrobe. Front reads: "Hannari Tofu: I'm always watching for you." Back reads: "Forever Hannari." Comes in two styles: Green/White and Pink/Pink.

sleeve kids t shirts