Devil Wears Prada T Shirts

devil wears prada t shirts
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  • Prada S.p.A. is an Italian fashion label specializing in luxury goods for men and women (ready-to-wear, leather accessories, shoes, luggage and hats), founded by Mario Prada. The label is referred to by some people as a status symbol.
  • The Prada Phone is released a telephone by LG Electronics in the second quarter of 2007. SB310 is a Korean version, is a Japanese version of KE850.
  • Prada is a small town in Val Poschiavo, Grisons, Switzerland. It is located southeast of Poschiavo.
devil wears prada t shirts - Prada Handbag
Prada Handbag Leather BN1407
Prada Handbag Leather BN1407
The bunched leather on this Prada bag is both unique and beautiful. It features a long durable leather strap for over the shoulder carrying and two double leather straps for easy hand carrying. Prada logo is written out on front of bag in bold gold letters and detachable ID tag allows you to personalize your bag for security. We do not sell, endorse or contribute to the selling of counterfeit or "fake" designer merchandise! We have the highest respect for the designer creations and the trademarks which they represent. It is our goal to build relationships of trust with our customers by delivering quality authentic designer handbags, purses and accessories which are guaranteed to be 100% Authentic. By gaining our customers trust, our dream becomes a reality, and every woman has an Authentic Designer Handbag, Purses and Accessories in her life.

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Tagged Fever
Tagged Fever
[Rules: Once you've been tagged, you're supposed to write 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals that you have. At the end, choose some people to be tagged as well.] 1. I study fashion design, be designer was the dream that i had for a long time 2. My favourite designers r John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and the one for Balenciaga... 3. My blood type is B...... 4. I am addict to mens leather shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now there r 2 pairs need to s Dior homme basic black leather lace up, and one is Lavin blue vintage look leather lace up 5. I am in Paris now, just arrived for 2weeks, i spend 1940 euro for bag, shoe and wallet.... 6. Jazz, especially from Chet Baker are my favourite!~ Best pal for wine and candles.... 7. My favourite colors r black,white, grey, red, blue..... 8. I love champagne,but always get drunk in it.... 9. I am a acohol person, love all kinds of acohol, except beer... 10. I am the only child in my family... 11. My favourite charactors in FR is Vanessa and Agnes, used to have Adele,now, kinda over her... 12. I just owned my first credit card, need to pay attention, have to hold myself not to over spend money... 13. I love wearing shirts, always travel with my iron, and tons of ties..... 14. I don't like rading books....the only books i read are 'the devil wears Prada' and 'a Dream in Red Mansions' 15. I am not interested in any electronic products...sorry iphone 4, not interested,lol 16. Collecting magazines is a hug hobby of mine, each month i will buy 3 different Vogue, Bazaar, mens no non,GAP for each season, menuno, Bazaar men....and keep them stored well on my floor... 17. My favourite tea is a variety of oolong tea 18. I am a perfume person, so far i am used to Dior homme and Un jardin sur le nil by Hermes... 19. I studied international commmercial Law for 4 years in Tianjin, then switchto FAshion design in shanghai,now i am in Paris!~~ 20. I am a nice person, but kinda hard to get alone with(some people said that, lol) 21. I am Capricorn, but more like Scorpio... 22. I like Macaron and brownie!~ And i only drink double espresso with out any thing.... 23. I love rainning days, but have to be the day i stay in.... 24. I draw very well, at least i thik so, and i selftought!~ Proud of it!~ 25. I gonna have my 28th birthday at the end of this year....
Day 2 ! THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA<33 My recent obsession. "What if the clouds are, are fragments of mistakes, Fabricated by the factors of our foolishness?" -REPTAR, KING OF THE OZONE my best friend has the same shirt and we were out today wearing was a planned match though. WHAT I DID TODAY !: watched Funny Games at Jessica's (around midnight, cause that's technically when the day starts), chilled in Jess's basement with Ivy, Kenneth, Jess, and Kelly, went to sleep (at like, 5), woke up to Kenneth's foot rubbing through my hair multiple times (he thinks he's funny...he's not), slept more, woke up at 11:30 to Ivy screaming "KENNETH, JUMP ON NICOLE !" and Kenneth standing over me, went to the Train Diner (SUCKED), went back to Jessica's, watched The Unborn, went home, went to Essex Green with Steph M, Katie D, Katie T, April<33, Daly, Raven, Zivi, Eric, Steph C, came home, cried. a lot.

devil wears prada t shirts