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259 "In A World Of Secrets, In A World Of Sound"
259 "In A World Of Secrets, In A World Of Sound"
259/365 "Break It Down Again" Tears For Fears 10/15 Canada/USA Trip A lovely long lie in today, feeling very lazy! I should perhaps mention that I had ice-cream for breakfast…for the second day running. It was then off into the heart of the city. We stopped off at the Nintendo store again to change a t-shirt then took a wonder around the NBC shop, some really cool stuff in there. By this time we were both hungry and so we headed to the upper West side for some lunch. We went to a restaurant called the Hummus Place and although it’s not strictly a vegetarian place the choice and quality was great plus It filled me up for hours! We then waddled our way down Broadway taking in the sights before catching the subway to Time Square, where we spent quite a while. First thing was photographs, although none of them are that great…have to go back there when it get dark! Then, as we were window shopping we saw a huge sign that read Hershey’s…. we couldn’t resist! A while later and $70 lighter we finally emerged, I have to say I didn’t buy a single thing for myself though! I got a present for my work colleagues and Christian had a few goodies too :) As soon as we were back on the street we saw M&M World....WOW! This place was truly gigantic, 3 floors of multi-coloured M&Ms and merchandises, this place was so cool though and I could have quite happily spent a lot of money in there but it was a little on the expensive side…. $13 for a mug! Around this time we decided a sit down was needed, we found a place called Jamba Juice and chilled out there for a good while. Christian whipped out his IPad and convinced me to play a game of Conquest (Yea, I had never heard of it either…) which is much like Risk. Whilst we played on Christians newest toy their was all the latest chart music playing but about half way through our (Christian and myself) song came on, a song from 1993 that wasn't even that popular (I named this picture after the song) It was so strange to hear it but it was sooooo amazing :) Anyway, I was very sceptical about playing Conquest but agreed and an hour later we realised it was perhaps time to leave :s Upon looking at the guide book on where to go next I suggested Central park so it was back onto the subway, it was only the next stop but we got distracted and ended up a few stops on so we had to walk over to the park but along the way we passed a cupcake place. I got a Carrot Cake one and Christian had Peanut butter and Jelly. It was then a short walk to the park and we entered at Strawberry Fields, the tribute area to John Lennon. We sat there eating our muffins when we felt the rain begin. We hastily made our way to the nearest subway which luckily happened to be the right line to take us back to Brooklyn. We passed the time with another game of Conquest and then made our way back to the hostel. On the way we popped into the supermarket and I picked up my 3rd and 4th tub of haagen dazs ice-cream :s (I’m going to double my weight by the time I return home!) and as we walked back we saw tree branches and leaves everywhere and then when we rounded the corner we saw huge trees and their branches all over the road with a couple of crushed cars and mess. We carried on walking and more destruction, no damagaed buildings though, just fences, trees etc broken and strewn about the place. Once back at the hostel we saw the news that there have been a storm with winds up to 100mph, huge hail and even a tornado….and we missed it all!! The tube journey was only 30-45 mins and so the storm must have been so short, its incomprehensible and so annoying that we didn’t get to see it, I suppose I should be glad I didn’t get caught in it! Anyhow, this shot was taken on the subway. Having a weekly metro pass so easy and it's a lot cheaper than the London underground!
Day 20/365- What I stand for.
Day 20/365- What I stand for.
1/20/09 This focus is a bit off because my cheap $60 screw-on macro is, looking. Haha. This is not to shove anything down anyone's throats. As an individual, I'm allowed to express my opinions. Even though I do doubt my own religion sometimes, I strongly believe that sex should be saved for marriage, like El Bible-o says. I believe in sharing that intimacy with the person I plan on spending my life with, not some boyfriend who won't last for less than the time I'm in high school. And when I do get married, I want to make sure that I could never stop loving that one guy, because I think divorce is a nasty thing. I don't ever want to go through it like a few of my friends' families have. Most of you know I'm straight edge, and that many of my friends are not. Hell, my boyfriend isn't even edge hahah. In fact I might be the only straight edge kid out of all my friends. I don't care what you believe in. I'll be your friend as long as you can respect my beliefs, because I'll do the same to you. The beginning of today was crap. I got put in 3rd period health instead of a full year of pe(this would be my second semester of it), and I'm quite pissed. The coach seems super mean and aslkhtrfklegt. So I sent in a request form for me to be switched back into pe with my friends. :) Hopefully it happens. Oh and my lunch just so happened to be the time when Obama had his inauguration, so I was freaking out the whole lunch period. I was so scared that some McCain freak was going to attack some Obama freak, or vice versa. THEN, since I sit outside, some white kid yells "F*CK OBAMA" and I just said "Wow. I hope you get the shit beaten out of you." This kid (AND MANY OTHERS AT MY SCHOOL) is so immature, I don't know how long I can take it. KRISTEN JUST TOLD ME HE GOT KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL FOR TODAY! Possibly longer? Please? (It's like as we get further and further down the line, the maturity rate lessens.) And it really pissed me off how some kids at my school wear the shirt for Obama and don't even know what he stands for. AND I saw a shirt with MLKJ and Obama next to each other, and I got so pissed. You can't ever compare those two! EVER EVER EVER. Other than that, my day was alright. I got all my homework finished except for math before 4, which was quite an accomplishment. And now I really have to pee but I don't want to stop typing. Wait. I think I'm about to explode. Hold on..*30 seconds later* Ah. Much better. :D But yeah, I finshed my math homework not too long ago, and it was a bit difficult. :/ I'm just glad the first day back at school (new semester) wasn't as tough and work-loaded as I thought.

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