Welcome to our Hebrew School

We are a community Hebrew school built on connections between neighbors, classmates, and community members.   Our goal is to help the students develop confident and comfortable Jewish identities. This development includes emphasizing the connection between each student and the Jewish community, its values, and the rhythm of the Jewish calendar.  Central to this connection is becoming familiar and knowledgeable about topics such as Hebrew, Torah, Community/ Synagogue life, Shabbat and Holidays, and Israel.

We work to accomplish this by constructing an organic and fluid curriculum developed by drawing points of study from students’ interests, experience, and questions.  A small class size is maintained to ensure that each student’s voice is heard and appreciated.  We celebrate the diversity of Jewish life and families in Manhattan, and welcome all families and students with an interest in connecting to Judaism.

Contact: Noah Hichenberg, School Director and teacher - noah.hichenberg@gmail.com

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