Family Cookbook Titles

family cookbook titles
    family cookbook
  • (Family cookbooks) Family cookbooks are collections of recipes, that may or may not be a generation or more old, sometimes including family history and photos of the family members.
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THOMAS L. "TOM" WALDRON is the author of: Why Isn't Al Gore President?: A View of the Millennium Election from 2004 Mr. Waldron is a native of the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, IL. He moved with his family to Rutherford, NJ where he graduated from Rutherford HS. Then followed two years in attendance at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, two years in the U.S. Army, then entered Rutgers University, New Brunswick, graduating with a BA degree. He then spent forty years as a research biologist, first with ER Squibb & Sons, then with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. Now retired from that endeavor, he is pursuing activities of personal interest, including this book. He is a resident of Lawrenceville. ANGELA CHANG is the author of: The Intriguing World of Chinese Home Cooking Born in China and raised in Taiwan Angela Chang came to the US in 1966 and received her MA in English and Education in 1968. Her zest for good food and entertaining led her into a new career as she learned her culinary skills from talented home cooks and restaurant chefs. In 2000, her first bilingual cookbook, Chinese Home Entertaining>, which reveals the stories of her successful home parties, came out and was well received. In the following year, her highly acclaimed cookbook in English, The Intriguing World of Chinese Home Cooking capture the hearts of many Chinese food lovers around the world with its beautifully illustrated, user-friendly recipes and fascinating food stories. For the last few years, Chang has been invited to speak at various food and cultural event. Angela Chang is now working on a beautiful tofu book titled Her presentation on tofu at the Princeton Public Library last October was a big hit. She is happy to share her rich knowledge on healthy Chinese home cooking.
IKEA Bookcases (now with stuff!)
IKEA Bookcases (now with stuff!)
A perpetual work in process. View original size to peruse the titles. Notes on the notes: 1. Yes, we love the Fringe that much. 3. In that small amount of vinyl is a Ray Charles Atlantic box set that I got for 20 bucks over 15 years ago. 10. Those issues of The Source do not contain any of the infamous "Benzino years". I stopped reading long before that. Issue 108, to be exact. 6, 11, 12, and 14. I took one look at my collection and had one thought: "Not diverse enough." 17. All seven volumes of Samurai Champloo, one FlCl, several wrestling DVDs, a couple of music titles, and some movies. The tapes: two graffiti docs, and Japanese wrestling vids. I now keep the porn where every respectable male the bedroom closet. 19. Very incomplete. Lone Wolf and Cub has 25 volumes via Dark Horse...I have six. Battle Vixens...not sure if I'll get the rest. It's well-drawn and there's plenty of "fan service", but that can get you only so far. Yes, I'm aware that I don't have Scott Pilgrim Vol 1. Oldboy looks dope, but the pace is slow. Gotta see the movie. 20. Included here: wrestling bios, a nature series given to me when I was a youngster, 3 harmonicas, antiquated graphic arts books, and several years of Communication Arts Illustration Annuals. Plus, two of the most expensive art books I have: Sonic and Supersonic. 22. Nuggets, Nuggets II, and James Brown'sStar Time. 24. In this section, there are a number of sketchbooks. They remind me of how much I have/haven't grown. Really hard to look at.

family cookbook titles
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