It is currently legal to consume dogand cats in 44 of 50 of the United States. If passed, H.R. 1406 would make all actions related to trade and consumption of dogs and cats illegal in the U.S.  Please help pass it by urging your House Representative to cosponsor it.

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Difference between "H.R." and "H.Res". 

Here is the Congressional Briefing for H.R. 1406 with primary sponsor Congressman Alcee Hastings on March 21st, 2017, featuring Marc Ching and Valarie Ianiello of The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, along with activist and actor Shannen Doherty.  Read the press release on the briefing from Rep. Hastings. 

Marc and Shannen in D.C. for H.R. 1406

Briefing in D.C. for H.R. 1406

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