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To do list


                    Find $20 to pay for URL for this website :  www.activistresource.org.nz
                    Update contacts for all MPs in the Labour-NZ First-Greens Government , Regional and Local Governments.

                    E-mail all Citizens' Advice Bureaus ( listed in Resources ) to request up to date list of contacts for   prominent people active in their communities,  social, environmental activists,  campaigns etc. .
                                                 Who's doing this ?  ( so far, Alan Preston , and you ?  )

                    Other things that need doing ..... ?         ( Suggestions to : activistresource@gmail.com )

Wish list.   This site is on the completely free (gratis) sites.google platform - which has its limitations but which is easy to learn .   It would be possible to copy and paste all this into another platform ..... if it becomes necessary