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This page was created on 20151214
Most recently updated 21st of June 2016
Vegan Pirate ( lots of resources and a survey on veganism in NZ )
Everything Vegan in New Zealand ( Map )   Add yourself to it !
( see also : Animal Rights )

 Listen to interviews on Safe and Sound on Access Internet Radio NZ 
20160412  Auckland Vegan Food Fair ( facebook )
 20151114 ( Saturday ) Animal Awareness Day at Orewa , just north of Auckland.
A guide to Vegan ( facebook )
 Vegan buyers guide http://veganshopper.co.nz/
 Vegan Accommodation : http://www.vegvisits.com/
and check out their video on YouTube

Vegan Animal Diets : facts and myths ( Vegan Society )
Vegan Pet Food  : The Cruelty Free Shop
                              : All Natural Pet Care ( Facebook ) e-mail:  allnaturalpetcare@gmail.com   Auckland  09 626 5754  Importer and distributor of Ami Vegan Petfood
                                                                                       Supplier of vegecat, vegedog, vegekit, vegepup and vegeyeast nutritional supplements.                             

The Trolley Problem ( with a twist )

  Gary Yourofsky
  Bite Size Vegan
  Nutrition Facts .org  
  Should pregnant women adhere to vegetarian diets ?