Women's Groups :
                                  Womens' Refuge   
                                  Women's Refuge New Zealand ( on facebook )
                                  Auckland Women's Refuge
                                  Auckland Women's Centre
                                  Women's Centre Rodney
                                  Women's Centre Waitakere
                                  Helensville Women and Family Centre 
                                  Shakti NZ
                                  Rape crisis centre(s)
                                  Working Women's Resource Centre
 Womens' issues :  The Handmirror

Mens Groups :        MENZ Issues 
                                  Essentially Men
                                  Man Alive
                                  Father and Child     
                                  South Kaipara Men's Trust

                                  Rainbow community : 

Prisoners rights  
                                 Howard League for Penal Reform
Marijuana Law Reform   
                                  Let's start the conversation
                                  Start the conversation   ( on Facebook )