Food :          Vegetarian : Vegetarians New Zealand
                                                             Vegan:  The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand
                                                                                                     Vegans New Zealand
                                                                                                     Go Vegan with a comprehensive list of related groups active in NZ

Labelling :
Genetically Modified Organisms : GE Free NZ
                                                             GE Free NZ in Food and Environment ( facebook )
Horticulture :
                       Organics :        Organics New Zealand
                                                 WWOOF New Zealand 
                                                 OPENZ – Organic Products Exporters of New Zealand Inc.
                                                 Garden Enterprises Gardening Pages
                                                 Organic Pathways
                                                 Soil & Health Association of New Zealand
Permaculture :
                                     Permaculture NZ
                                     Koanga Institute