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November 2018

Road :
           Sustainable Transport : Advocates: Campaign for Better Transport
                                                       Public Transport Users Association
                                                       The Way Forward NZ
                                                        Share Your Ride NZ
                                                        Carpool NZ
                                                        Carpool World
                                                        Electric Cars :  Drive Electric NZ
                                                        EV Imports
                                                        Electric Vehicle Charging Network
                                                        Juice Point  
                                                        Crown Relocations : Moving by Rail in NZ
            Active transport :  
                            Cycling :  Cycling Advocates Network 
                                             Urban Bicycles
                                             Frocks on Bikes
                                             Cycle Action Auckland
                                             Mechanical Tempest ( Wellington )
                                             Cycling in Christchurch
                                             Spokes ( Christchurch )
                                             Spokes ( Dunedin ) 
                                            Waikato University : The future of cycling  ( 1st of October 2015 ) 
Making cycling irresistable : A comparison between cycling in Western Europe and the USA and other anglophone countries.

Physically segregated cycling facilities in Copenhagen

                             Human Powered Vehicles
                                             Human Powered Vehicles
                            Walking : Living Streets
                                              Walk Auckland    

            Rail :  Federation of Rail  New Zealand 
                       Save Our Rail Northland
                       Save the Auckland to Northland Rail Line  ( facebook group )
                       Napier Gisborne Railway
                       Save the Gisborne - Napier Railway Line ( facebook )

            Opposed to the Roads of National Significance ( and other roading ) Projects.
                   Save Kapiti
                   Transport Blog
                   Campaign for Better Transport