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Chambers of Commerce

  New Zealand Chambers of Commerce Directory http://nzchamber.co.nz/

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N.B. Many ( about 30% ) of the Chambers can only be contacted through their e-mail forms on their web-sites' contact pages.

New Zealand has a network of 29 regional Chambers of Commerce that cover the length and breadth of the country  with  a total membership of  more 20 000 business people. These organisations foster business  growth and provide support and resources for their members. Chambers of Commerce not only assist with training and consultation but also advocate for their members with local and national government and with the media.

The Chambers’ long history of service allows them to be seen as credible organisations with good standing in their respective communities, many Chambers and  their representatives are often called on to participate on committees outside their own structure and are often called upon for advice by associations, institutions and industry bodies who seek the benefit of their collective wisdom and experience.

New Zealand Chambers of Commerce are part of a global network of more than 20 000 other chambers throughout the world as part of the International Chamber of Commerce which means NZ members are part of the largest business network anywhere. Imagine the opportunities this provides to importers and exporters to say nothing of the combined knowledge base of a global membership.

If you wish to take advantage of the opportunities available for Chamber of Commerce members you will need to approach your local Chamber for membership information.

Far North Chamber of Commerce Northland Chamber of Commerce
Auckland Chamber of Commerce Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce Tauranga Region Inc. Rotorua Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Taupo Chamber of Commerce Cambridge Chamber of Commerce
Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce Waikato Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Gisborne Chamber of Commerce
Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Wanganui Chamber of Commerce
Manawatu Chamber of Commerce Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce
Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce Wairarapa Region Inc.
Porirua Chamber of Commerce Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce
Neslon Tasman Chamber of Commerce Marlborough Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce South Canterbury Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce
Queenstown Chamber Otago Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc)
Southland Chamber of Commerce Wanaka Chamber of Commerce