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Angela Hidalgo volunteers at Rosemont School/Treatment Center, a facility that helps teenage girls who have been in trouble.  One girl there needs a mentor who can come in, visit, and provide a good example. (like a big sister) This young womann is Hispanic and would like to have a mentor who is either Hispanic or understands her culture and background. If you can take a few hours a month to help, please email Angela.  Rosemont always needs volunteers.  They have 27 girls who need role-models.  contact Angela at 
If we hope to create bridges to tomorrow, we need real reform and civic engagement:  
Here are PDX Opportunities for Activism‎   and ‎More Activism News!

Justice, Peace, & Freedom

There are few trade policies that widen inequality -- and unfairly tilt the playing field - more than currency manipulation.  The House is voting today on the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act (H.R. 2378).  Please contact your member of Congress and ask them to vote YES.  It only takes three simple clicks.
And here are Activeresources   for Social Change 

Here's a rundown of what's happening across Oregon, organized by county and interest group.

Like President Barack Obama said yesterday to 26,000 motivated students and families in Madison, WI,
this election offers a clear choice between moving America forward and giving control back to the folks who got us into this mess.

So how can you choose to keep moving America forward? Find an event near you and RSVP today.

The time to get involved is now ... I hope we'll see you at one of these events very soon.

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