Shark Unit Home


Task: Sharks play a critical role in an ocean ecosystem.  An ecosystem depends on a careful balance of all the organisms that makes it up.  All the organisms in an area is referred to as biodiversity.  The ocean holds the most biodiversity on Earth.  For the next week we will be applying the knowledge and skills we have learned in our Classification Unit to help save sharks.  We will collaborate with Oceana, founded in 2001, which is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation.  

Sharks are endangered species and the loss of sharks could have devastating effects on our ocean ecosystems.  How can we help protect these sharks from going extinct and help the sharks that are not yet on the endangered list from going extinct?  There are several options that have been suggested so far including shark finning bans, shark species management and reduced shark bycatch.  We will connect our knowledge of classification to explore the shark species management option by learning about the diversity of sharks. In the process you should be able to explain to the public the importance of sharks in an ocean ecosystem.

We will create a Facebook page to campaign for the sharks.  Your goal is get as many friends as possible to join the group.