Designing a Active Rectifier / Charge Controller / Power Meter

This site is currently under construction......11/30/09

I decided to build a 3 Phase Active Rectifier with a Charge Controller and Power Meter for a small wind generator I want to build.  When it's done I will use it for the power system of a small axial flux wind turbine built with plans you can get from   This site documents the design and development of the rectifier and provides some research and test data as well.  This design is still in the test and debug phase.

The main features I want out of it are:

1.  Efficient 3 Phase Active Rectification
2.  Simple PWM Charge Controller w/ battery temperature compensation
3.  Diversion Load Capability
4.  Low Voltage Disconnect
5.  Over Current / Over RPM Diversion Shutdown (keep me from frying my stator)
6.  Maintenance Mode / Shorted Phases / Disconnect
7.  Simple Power Meter (Volts, Amps, kW)
8.  RPM reporting capability (since it measures current its easy)
9.  Some Power Logging, Min/Max/Avg/Total per day

10.  A UART for tweaking setpoints, reading status
11.  Ability to run with 12V, 24V, or 48V battery banks
12.  30-50 Amp Charge Capability
13.  One unit for everything needed for a small windgen system
14.  Can build it myself with just a soldering iron at home

I decided to use a PIC microcontroller and design the active rectifier / charge controller / divert functions with low Rds FETS and a bit of
transistor control.  The design uses all thru-hole parts for ease of construction.

I am in the test phase on the prototype design and it is working good so far.  On the sub pages below there is some additional
info about simulation before the design, making the circuit board, and some screen shots of the PIC UART testing.  Currently the rectifier function
is working, but the Charge Controller and Diversion Controller stuff is still incomplete in software and I need to add them to the board as well.

11/30/09 - Made SW updates for allowing adjustment of all setpoints from the UART, saving setting in EEPROM on PIC.
12/1/09 - Made more circuit tweaks to the board for the high side gate voltage supply circuitry, fixed other phases for more testing.
12/2/09 - Gathering up some equipment to build a high power test rig.  I have some dryer elements for loads, but need a higher voltage AC
source to get enough current.  Have to change out to higher voltage FETs, get a couple medium sized variacs, and some batteries.

Contact:  You can email me at the following address. 

Thanks for visiting!! 

Brian Smith

Madison, AL