Smart Meter iPhone Application

Frustrated at paying high utility bills? Worry on how to reduce your household energy carbon footprint?

The easiest and most immediate solution is taking regular readings of your utility meters to track consumption and monitor the energy efficiency of electrical appliances.  By modifying  consumption habits and using green appliances, you can reduce usage and save money at the same time.

SmartMeter helps you track your electricity, gas and water meter readings.  It support single rate tariff for electricity and gas meters; and dual rate tariff for water meters.

Upon recording a reading,
SmartMeter calculates the usage and charges to show the current and projected month billing.  This is essential for your monthly budget forecast and alerts you of any fluctuation in energy consumption.

Regular meter reading with
SmartMeter can save you between 5-15% on your monthly bills.


Track household utility such as electricity, gas and water meters through a simple and intuitive interface that allows quick input of tariffs and readings.  New feature allows upload of tariffs, readings, past charges and billings to your goggle docs account.

Readings are time-stamped and only it’s reading value can be edited.

Even though
SmartMeter allows recording, editing and deletion of tariffs and readings, past months charges and billings will NOT be updated to reflect the changes. 

Deleting is allow when number of tariffs and readings EXCEEDS the minimum to compute usage, charges and billing.

Allows unlimited recordings of tariff; although only current effective tariffs are used to compute charges and billing.

Allows unlimited recordings of reading; although the current two readings are used to compute usage, charges and billing.

Checks for duplicate tariffs and validates data entry for readings and tariffs.

Show number of past months bills; and number of recorded tariffs and readings.


Graphs to show current, projected and past months usage, charges and billings.

Malay, Mandarin and Tamil localization.

Add imperial units.