Private Investment Holding

private investment holding
    private investment
  • (Private Investments) Investments that are not sold publicly.
  • (PRIVATE INVESTMENTS) The sale of equity or fixed income securities directly to institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and pension funds.
  • Stocks, property, and other financial assets in someone's possession
  • property: something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone; "that hat is my property"; "he is a man of property";
  • retention: the act of retaining something
  • An area of land held by lease
  • The tenure of such land
  • Holding (2001) is a Croatian film. It was released in 2001.
private investment holding - The Performing
The Performing Art of the American Automobile: The Hendricks Collection on Exhibit at the Gateway Colorado Auto Museum
The Performing Art of the American Automobile: The Hendricks Collection on Exhibit at the Gateway Colorado Auto Museum
In another superb collaboration, Stein and Furman showcase one hundred years of American automotive innovation via Discovery Channel founder John S. Hendricks’s unequaled collection.
From the 1906 Cadillac and early Ford Model T through the Duesenberg, Packard, Corvette, and Mustang—even a 1950s Good Humor truck—The Performing Art of the American Automobile is a trip through American history that lifts the spirit and entertains the eye as no other, as John S. Hendricks’s singular collection reveals, car by car, the American marvels that created a revolution in personal transportation.

Which cars flourished, which faded away, which became legends, and why? Award-winning automotive historian Jonathan A. Stein examines the cars through the social and economic conditions of their times as they pass from curiosities and playthings of the wealthy to their role in shaping the American way of life, ultimately becoming the backbone of the American economy.

Stein’s incisive and entertaining text tells a captivating tale; Michael Furman’s photographs are stunning; and the illustrations by Peter Hearsey and rare archival images add engaging color and context. 250 full-color and 50 black-and-white photographs

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DNR Building
DNR Building
From KINY JUNEAU DAILY NEWS1/4/07. A private investment group, STG Group of Santa Rosa, California, purchased three properties on Willoughby Avenue, in downtown Juneau, totaling almost 100,000 square feet of office space for an undisclosed price. In October 2007, the properties were listed for $13.1 million. The properties were owned by the City of Kasaan, a village on Prince of Wales Island 30 miles west of Ketchikan. The State of Alaska departments of Administration, Natural Resources (DNR) and Environmental Conservation (DEC) hold long-term leases to the office space. The STG Group owns several million square feet of commercial properties throughout the Western U.S. including nearly a half million square feet of commercial and industrial property in Anchorage. The Carlton Smith Co. of Juneau co-brokered the transaction with Jones Lang LaSalle, a global real estate services and money management firm. Craig Meyer of Jones Lang LaSalle says the fact that State of Alaska is one of STG’s tenants in it's Anchorage properties was a factor in the selection process.
China: Health Care
China: Health Care
A new mother holds her four day old baby that was born in the BenQ Hospital in Nanjing, one of several private Taiwanese investments in China's medical industry.

private investment holding
private investment holding
Private Foundations: Tax Law and Compliance (Wiley Nonprofit Law, Finance and Management Series)
With more than 50,000 private foundations in the United States and the increasing scrutiny of the IRS, this much-needed, annually updated manual provides you with a wide range of tax rules and regulations for these foundations. Coauthored by a lawyer and tax accountant, the revised and expanded Third Edition includes practical tax compliance suggestions and in-depth legal explanations. Capturing all-new developments in the private foundations arena, the new edition presents you with line-by-line instructions, sample-filled IRS forms, and complete citations.