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Impact of ageing tourists on Ghana as a tourist destination

Solomon George Addai JNR, Saloomeh Tabari and Hayden Ingram, London School of Commerce, UK


Real image perceived by European tourists towards Jordanian tourism services

Osama Al-Shihabi, University of Management & Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Local Sense of Place on Countryside Tourism in Bali, Indonesia

Luh Micke Anggraini, University of Western Sydney, Australia


Living the Dream? Active Countryside Tourism in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Kathryn Beardmore, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, UK


Embodied tourism experiences and rural events: the case of Ecomaratona del Chianti

Giovanna Bertella, Tromsø University Business School, Norway


Festivals, tourism and rural development: A key for cultural heritage preservation. A case study in the Gallico Valley (IT)

Giuseppina Cassalia, University of York, UK & Reggio Calabria Mediterranean University, Italy

Claudia Ventura, Reggio Calabria Mediterranean University, Italy


Food for thought, food and active countryside tourism

Paul Cleave, University of Exeter, UK


The ethical dimension of horse tourism

Emilie de Cooker, École normale supérieure, Paris, France

The (unintended) benefits of green exercise

Helen Farrell, University of Westminster, UK

Liz Price, University of Lincoln, UK


Authentic offers for creative tourism as an option to reposition and rebrand a traditional sun & sea destination: The case of Cyprus

Werner Gronau, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Andreas Kagermeier, University of Trier, Germany


Promoting regional countryside tourism in the Sound region (Denmark/Sweden)

Christine Haaland, University of Agricultural Sciences at Alnarp, Sweden

Anna Peterson, University of Agricultural Sciences at Alnarp, Sweden & Interreg project “Örefereie” on sustainable tourism in the Sound region, Sweden


From Leisure to Pleasure: Societal Trends and Their Impact on Possible Future Scenarios for Rural Tourism in the UK in 2050

Brian Hay, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK


Norwegian horse-breeds as a part of active countryside tourism – with emphasis on “Nordlandshest/Lynghest”

Liv Jorunn Hind, Bioforsk Nord, Norway and Lise Aanensen, Grete K. Hovelsrud, Nordland Research Institute, Norway


Developing a sustainable tourism strategy: a case study of Northumberland Coast AONB

Samantha Isaac, Northumberland Coast AONB Partnership, UK


Travelling Risk of Backpackers

Pin-Ju Juan, Tamkang University, Yilan, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Barriers to agritourism development

Marek W. Kozak, University of Warsaw, Poland


Consuming the rural with rod and line

Tom Mordue, University of Lincoln, UK


Sustainable active countryside tourism – Wigry National Park

Anna Pawlikowska-Piechotka and Maciej Piechotka, AWF University Warsaw, Poland


Evolution of rural tourism. Evidence from Italy

Margherita Pedrana, European University of Rome, Italy


Assessing the effects of hosting an International walking Festival on an Irish rural tourism hub - A Ballyhoura Case Study

Jillian Robinson and Noëlle O’Connor, Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland


The economic implications of countryside recreation and sports: a review

Ian D. Rotherham, Sheffield Hallam University, UK & Sun Yat Sen National University, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


The impacts on active countryside tourism of the rise and fall of countryside management

Ian D. Rotherham, Sheffield Hallam University, UK & Sun Yat Sen National University, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Entrepreneurship in tourism as a driver for recovery and sustainable development of the countryside in Haiti. The guest house as a strong potential option

Hugues Séraphin, University of Winchester, UK


Economic impact of touristic events, example of the “Equirando 2012” in France

Céline Vial, UMR MOISA; INRA Montpellier, France

Jean-Jacques Gouguet, Eric Barget and Fabien Clipet, France


Tourism experience management at countryside destinations

Anita Zátori, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary