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The Active Aging Coalition is a grassroots organization consisting of seniors, their families, caregivers, and other community advocates interested in improving lives of seniors in our community. Through monthly meetings and an interactive website, we learn about each others participation in the senior community, find ways to work together more efficiently, and increase our own understanding of available resources in Monroe County.

The group was formed in 2006 as a collaboration between seniors and the businesses and non-profits that serve them with the focus on educating ourselves and the community at large about the interests and issues of older adults. It has been likened to a "town hall meeting for seniors". The group meets once a month and we have a steering committee that manages the mechanics and maintains the focus of the group. 

 The "mechanics" are things like taking the meeting minutes, creating the agenda, keeping our website updated, answering emails, finding and scheduling speakers, marketing (this year's focus), and setting up the meeting place.


"Maintaining the focus" means that we make sure the topics and activities of the group reflects the mission of the coalition. We look at our community at large and identify some of the top concerns of seniors and their families and what support resources are available. We ask "Who is providing that support or creating a solution?" We pay attention to what is being voiced at the monthly meetings, as well as what we see and hear in our day to day lives at home and at work. When we identify some of the "hot topics", we consider how and when to present that to the coalition at large for further group discussion and brain storming with the goal of providing better understanding in order to create better solutions accessible for all. 


Sometimes, when searching for these resources, gaps in services are discovered as well. This has encouraged creativity among the group to find better ways to use resources that already exist or at times to create entirely new solutions. One such solution was the creation of the Commission on Aging

We don't just talk about "stuff", we find ways to make things happen!

Active Aging Steering Committee Members

posted Sep 26, 2016, 3:06 PM by Active Aging Coalition Bloomington

Penny Fisher
Troy Haltom
Stacey Goffinet
Amy Wardlow
Julie Seaford
Tiffany Arndt
Cheryl Smith
Leslie Miller
Danita Rude
Jeanne May