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Is SoulCollage for You?
Soul Collage Group    
Do you ever feel disconnected from your peaceful, joyful, playful self? Are you drawn to visual images but not sure why? Are you curious about the rainbow of possibilities inside of you? Do you like to cut and paste? 
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then Soul Collage is for you! In the spirit of Seena B. Frost, the developer of this intuitive collage process, we gather once a month for two hours to browse through magazines, choose pictures, and create cards that can be explained by applying the "I Am One Who...." statement to the finished product. Your Soul Collage cards will represent a part of yourself, a person in your life, or a moment in time. To learn more about this group and how you can join in, contact Georgia Schaich at 812-334-3292 or

2012 AAC Holiday Party at First United Church

Due to the bad weather this past winter, we did not have at turnout for the 2013 holiday event. 2014 Senior Celebration TBA

Vicki Basman's Presentation "Stories and Recipes from The Pearl Lagoon"