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Our next meeting in September:

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2016

Topic:  Area 10:  Everything You'd Like to Know

Presenters:  Kerry Conway

Broadcasts of AAC Meetings

Sometimes our meetings are recorded by Bloomington's Community Access Television. It usually takes about two weeks to edit and post these broadcasts on their Library Channel. If a presentation has been recorded, it will be noted at the bottom of the presentation summary. Please check their schedule for days and times of broadcasts.

2016 August's Presenter


Staying Vertical:  Balance and Falls Reduction

Carla Pace, Director of Rehabilitation through Aegis Therapies, spoke about Staying Vertical:  Balance and Falls Reduction.  Balance and staying vertical is necessary.  With age, flexibility, knee, hip and ankle strength, momentum, control, coordination and reflexes all decrease.  Therefore, falls increase with age.  Causes of falls in the environment include stairs, clutter, wetness, loose rugs/carpets, lighting and hurrying.  Some medications and poor vision can also lead to falls.

Many people are afraid of falling.  If a person cannot stand on one leg for five seconds, they are at risk for injuries and falls and might want to see a Physical Therapist.  To address balance issues, a person might also choose to take a balance class at the YMCA, a fitness place, Tai Chi at the College Mall or Area 10.

Some other suggestions to prevent the likelihood of falls are to:

·        regularly exercise

·        wear proper footwear

·        walk on grass instead of sidewalk in wet weather

·        carry salt or cat litter in the car

·        not use liquid soap in the shower because it makes the floor slippery

·        have a flashlight and a cordless phone next to the bed, and

·        have bathroom safety hardware installed


Carla gave a very detailed, informative and enjoyable talk.

Attendance:  50

Recorded by CATS on August 18, 2016

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