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This site provides information for seniors, their families, and other senior advocates about local resources that support senior living and opportunities for community involvement across the ages.

Beginning in January, 2017. there will be a new location for our monthly meetings.  The new location will be at Meadowood Terrace Room.  Meadowood is located at 2455 N Tamarack Trail, Bloomington, IN 47408

Meetings are free and open to the public.

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We meet the third Thursday of the month at Meadowood Terrace Room.

11:30 Lunch (compliments of Meadowood)

12:00 Welcome, Guest Presentation, Announcements

1:00 Meeting Adjourned

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Broadcasts of AAC Meetings

Sometimes our meetings are recorded by Bloomington's Community Access Television. It usually takes about two weeks to edit and post these broadcasts on their Library Channel. If a presentation has been recorded, it will be noted at the bottom of the presentation summary. Please check their schedule for days and times of broadcasts.

February 2018

Dr. Roy

How to Reverse Aging

Dr. Roy, a cardiologist from Monroe Hospital  As we age our vessels get clogged, our inflammation increases and our organ function slows down.  High cholesterol increases inflammation and plaque, which in turn, can cause blockages and possiblhear attacks or strokes.  High cholesterol makes a person sluggish and can affect skin, eyes and energy level.

Stem cells do minor repair, but they diminish with age.  Hormonal replacement and other replacement therapies often cause other problems.

You can improve at any age by controlling diet/exerise/sugars/salt/fatty foods and keeping cholesterol low, even if you don't do it every day! When you eat better, you sleep better!! 

It's very important to create good regimens for children and to lead by example in order to instill healthy habits!  Try to eat fresh foods as much as poissible!!  Basically good health is a combination of the whole!!  The best diet is vegetarian, but deficiencies, such as B6, B12, fish oil and flaxseed have to be addressed.

Some health variables, such as hereditary, are important, but you should not worry about things that cannot be changed!  Other things can be done to counter hereditary.

Dr. Roy gave a very interesting, complete and informative presentation!!!!

Thank you to everyone that attended!  We had 56 attendees this month!  See you March 15!

Recorded by CATS on February 15, 2018

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