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Our next meeting in December:

Date: Thursday, Dec. 11th 

Topic: End of the Year Celebration 

Presenters: AAC Steering Committee

Bio: We are having a Sing-n-Bake, making holiday cookies to deliver to homebound seniors!

Broadcasts of AAC Meetings

Sometimes our meetings are recorded by Bloomington's Community Access Television. It usually takes about two weeks to edit and post these broadcasts on their Library Channel. If a presentation has been recorded, it will be noted at the bottom of the presentation summary. Please check their schedule for days and times of broadcasts.

2015 January's Presentation Summary

Stephanie Kimball
Green Sanctuary Task Force

The presentation “Simple Things You Can Do to Live More Lightly on the Earth & Why You Should Do Them” was given by Stephanie Kimball, who is the co-chair of the Green Sanctuary Task Force at the Unitarian Church.

Her first point was that there are a lot of ways to reduce energy use and consumption including borrowing, fixing, use something you have as a substitute, getting something second hand or just doing without.  Our culture revolves too much around consumerism and material possessions.  There is a 2007 video by Annie Leonard at storyofstuff.org that can further inform you on these issues.

30% of municipal waste is from packaging.  Reduce your waste by not using disposable products.  Use cloth napkins, stainless steel straws, cloth grocery bags, reusable produce bags and bags that fold into themselves instead.  Buy bulk items and bring your own containers to put them in.

Cut back on your utilities by lowering temperatures, using a programmable thermostat and using water bottles and heated mattress pads.  Use ceiling fans.

The best light bulbs are LED and their price is coming down.  The second best are the squiggly CFL bulbs, but they do not do well in the cold.

Other tips were to:

  • Wash clothes in cold water and air dry clothes in the sun.
  • Keep your water heater to 120 degrees.
  • Replace old refrigerators and clean the coils regularly.
  • Unplug everything from the wall to lower electric prices.
  • Add insulation and weatherize and add insulated curtains.

Encourage policy changes by writing to your US and state representatives and encourage them to ask for changes that will conserve energy.  CHANGE IS NECESSARY!!

Stephanie’s presentation was very informative!!

Attendance: 26

Recorded by BCATS on 1/15/15

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