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A Guide on How To Register into Paypal so

you can avail of any offerings that require a

paypal account.  

When you transact using your credit card, say you're buying an ebook or mentoring or a monthly consulting, usually you encounter sites that say "Paypal" but you think you need a paypal account before you can transact. This is incorrect thinking, actually you can enter your credit card in the form and the seller will just use paypal to process your transaction.  You're not the one using paypal, the seller is.   

However as you're entering your credit card (or debit card) details, you are actually creating a Paypal account for the first time for THAT cardnumber. 

This is hardly noticed by the perso buying online.   But it does ask you for a username and password so pay attention to this username and password you're giving paypal. You are actually creating a paypal account.  

For most people this paypal account will not be used. 

But if you use that card online again, one day it will reach paypal's "Sending Limit". This limit forces you to verify the paypal account that you (involuntarily) created.  For some people - when using a credit card to buy a $1000 transaction, this verification is mandatory. What is verification?  It verifies that you actually own the card that you're using. This prevents other people from using your card illegally to buy expensive items via the internet.

So let's assume you're here because you tried to buy something and Paypal is now asking you to verify or "Get verified". To verify you, paypal will temporarily bill your credit card for $1.95 USD (relax, this will be paid by paypal within one month if you do the following).  Alas, you need to see this transaction to "verify" your account.  For most of us who aren't hurrying, we wait for the Paper Statement of Accounts and locate the PAYPAL or VISA EXPUSE transaction like below:


To get the code faster, just call up your credit card company AUTHORIZATION GROUP (not simply customer service) and ask for the description of the paypal transaction. In the photo below  it's 2867. Once you get the Verification screen or you pressed "Get Verified in your new Paypal account" : 

I repeat, call up your Card's Authorization center and ask them to read aloud the entire PAYPAL Transaction.  If you don't know the number of the Card Authorization center, just call AFTER OFFICE HOURS and you'll get them.

Here's your script: Do not say to the Card Company person: "Please read the PAYPAL code."  DO NOT SAY THIS.

These people have no idea what a paypal code is.

Do say "What's the description of the transaction that has the word "paypal or visa or expuse" in it?   There's a number there that's not a date, not an amount."

If there is no Paypal transaction, ask them for the VISA EXPANDED USE OR EXPUSE or VISA transaction and ask them to read the whole description of the VISA transaction. You're looking for numbers before and after the word VISA or PAYPAL or EXPUSE. It's typically a 4 digit number.

Get that number and enter it into your PAYPAL account's GE
T VERIFIED page --within ONE DAY of entering your card details in paypal.

After that is done - your card and paypal is now verified and Paypal sends you a credit to $1.95 USD - zeroing out the charge.


If you're using a UNIONBANK EON card, it's easier to verify. Though note: the number at the middle of the card is the card number. The smaller number below your name is the bank account number- use this for verifying Paypal account with Unionbank EON.

OPEN theUnionbank EON card online BANKING and locate the VISA EXPANDED USE (EXPUSE) transaction. You're looking for 4 digits after the VISA word in the transaction.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions:)

Q: Where do I create a new paypal account?
A: Click the button below:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Question: What kind of Paypal account shall I create? 

A: Get a business or Premier account.  There's no added cost at all

and you can use it in the future to accept money and basically create an internet business. Remember use "Business Account" or Premier even if you don't intend to do it now.  If you're going to ACCEPT payments from Clients, a premier or business account is REQUIRED.

Click on the button below to start now.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Question: After registering for free, what do we do?
A: Verify your account by "Confirming and Linking your credit card to your paypal account".  
This means you'll enter your valid credit card information onto your paypal account. I think you need to read that again. I said VERIFY your paypal account by clicking VERIFY inside (enter username and password first).

Answer: You can also use a UnionBank EON card, this is a debit card.  Try to register ONLINE -but you'll still need to visit the bank to submit your IDs. Use these sites to help you get started. PinoyMoneyTalk Unionbank - Paypal Guide and the UnionBank Paypal Guide.

Question: Why should I register?

Answer:   This enables you to buy anything online - online seminar tickets for example -without risking giving your credit card number to too many websites.  Also, as of today, this is the only way to pay online for the Jomar Hilario Marketing Master Insider

If you're keen on investing in yourself and avail of the full amount.  But for monthly installments, you will need a paypal account.

Question: Why do I need a paypal account for monthly installments?

Answer: You'll need a way to manage your account and card numbers in the months to come - since you are paying in installments. For example, the card you originally used in month 1 to 3 is now renewed/expired so you'll have to update the expiry date of the card in your paypal account-so you can continue to enjoy the privileges of being a member of the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club.

Question :  Can I use a credit card with PayPal?

Answer :     Yes, you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with PayPal. Plus, when you pay with PayPal, you do not expose your credit card number to the merchant. 

Answer:  Cash Payment is valid for FULL PAYMENT by depositing via my BPI savings bank account 3216-3898-62 name Jose Mario R Hilario. Branch: Corinthian Plaza, Makati City then emailing the details as well as entering the details in

Click on the button below to start now.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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