Hulu is the most amazing platform which allows the users to watch their favorite movies and shows without a cable TV connection. Hulu account is the platform where you can purchase Hulu subscription and watch it on your specific device. The device on which you want to watch Hulu US/canada needs the connection with the subscription to identify that the user has a Hulu subscription to access Hulu content. In this article, we will discover the need for a Hulu account along with the activation process.

What is the need of creating an account on US/canada?

The following are the various reasons due to which you must have a Hulu account if you love to watch Hulu video content:

  • It allows the users to connect more than one device with the same Hulu account.

  • It helps you to prevent from unauthorized device activation with your account

  • It allows the users to use their subscription in a better way

  • You can activate your home TV screen with Hulu and watch movies with your family.

  • Hulu has a limitation of connected devices at one time. So your Hulu will help you to identify how many devices are connected with your account and you can also block the device if it is not familiar to you.

Steps to activate Hulu US/canada on your device

Check out the following steps for successful activation of your device for Hulu:

  • Go to the device and switch it one

  • Navigate to the app store and search for Hulu application

  • Install the application and then locate the app in the installed apps screen

  • Launch the app and save the activation code

  • Now move to the US/canada with the help of a web browser

  • Log in with your Hulu account details

  • Enter the activation code

  • Click on the “Submit” button

  • Go back to your device and refresh it

  • You can enjoy Hulu on your device now.