One day. Real action. Visible change.

Devote one day and accomplish a goal you've thought about for a long time.

Our Action Workshops are for leaders like you who want to move ahead. Be recognized as the expert you are and increase your impact with tools for change you'll get right here.

How Action Workshops work

Each Action Workshop provides a balance of slide-supported conversations, on-your-own thinking, and individual feedback. 

Each Action Workshop includes 5 hours of presentation, divided over the course of the day into 4 segments, and 2 hours of work you do on your own and email to us for immediate guidance. Presentations are delivered over the phone via teleconference, with support from PowerPoint slides.

These workshops are presented live, so you can ask questions and get answers, but each is also recorded in case you have to miss some or all of the workshop or if you wish to listen again. You’ll be offered the opportunity for continued mentoring after the workshop ends, too.

Can I get credit?

Earn 7 professional development hours or .7 CEUs, along with a certificate of completion. We can automatically record your hours in the Washington STARS or Illinois Gateways registries.

How much does it cost?

Each Action Workshop runs 7 hours, starting at 8 am Pacific time and ending at 3 pm Pacific time (that's 11 am to 6 pm Eastern). Each Action Workshop is presented on a Saturday, but each is also recorded in case the date or time is inconvenient for you.

Each Action Workshop is conducted in a webinar format online and by telephone. Each includes live interaction with the presenter, Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson. Part of the day is devoted to time for you to work on the Action Workshop topic, and to receive immediate private feedback from Dr. Anderson via email. Each Action Workshop includes the slides and audio recording shared after the event.

Get all this for only $135 per individual workshop. Because of the individual feedback offered, space is limited. Enroll early!

What if I can't attend on the day of the event?

Of course it's best if you can attend, since then you'll get immediate attention from Dr. Anderson and you'll also be motivated to work on your ideas during the time set aside for this on the day of the event. But, naturally, other, important things may come up that will keep you from attending "live."

That's not a problem! Everything will be recorded, so you can view everything you missed. In fact, even if you are able to attend, the recordings are yours forever and are resources you'll come back to again and again.

The only way to get the recordings is to enroll in the courses. Act now!

Writing Goals That Lead to Success 

March 18, 2017
Maybe you wrote goals for yourself at the beginning of the year... and now it's spring. How are those goals coming along?

If, like for many of us, goal-setting seems easier than goal achievement, then it might be that the goals you've written are just a bit off, not quite so inspiring as they need to be.

And if, like many of us, you've soured on the whole goal-writing, New Year's resolution thing because of past failures, then now is the time to change your mind about goals. In this course, we'll explore how you got to where you are now and how the strengths that have got you this far are all you need to carry you forward.

We'll write goals together and make a plan. The year is still young. Make 2017 the year you'll remember as the positive turning point you want it to be!

Advocacy Skills for Shy Professionals 

May 13, 2017

You see the need for change all around you. In fact, there's this one particular issue - this one particular problem - that has captured your attention. You'd like to do something about this. You want to help make a change. But how?

Most of us in early childhood education are not natural activists. Many of us like a low profile and want to stay out of the spotlight. We need help to awaken our inner advocate and put our talents to work, solving problems for kids and families. This session will show you the way.

Get the inspiration you need and a few key tips to start the ball rolling. Grass roots efforts are important. Be the change you want to see.

People who have made a difference started out ordinary, just like the rest of us. They did not begin with powerful networks and amazing skills in strategizing and motivating. They began with a problem that they cared about enough to solve. What's the problem that bothers you? How can you help? Find out now.

Creating Products that Support Your Vision 

August 19, 2017

You know you've thought about this: creating a T-shirt for your center, offering a calendar, creating a deck of parenting tip cards, even offering holiday wrapping paper based on children's designs. Maybe you've rejected these ideas as "too hard" or "too costly." But what's the truth about products? If others have created cute promotional products, why couldn't you?

The answer is "you could" and in this workshop we'll explore exactly how. The Internet puts the tools of creation, production, and distribution in your hands, at an affordable price. You just need a fun idea and a little information.

Bring your ideas to this lively workshop and get the know-how you need to start playing around with products. With a little help and inspiration you'll be able to create the perfect product to communicate what you and your center are all about.

How to Be Recognized as the Expert You Are

October 14, 2017

To make an impact as a leader, you've got to be recognized as someone who knows. But how can you do that? In a field as crowded with experts as early childhood education, how can you stand out as the expert you truly are?

In this workshop, we'll explore what makes someone "an expert" in the eyes of others, and how you can present your knowledge and abilities in ways others will see. Expertise is a problem of performance - what you can do - but also a problem of visibility. In order for people to let you do what you can do, they must see that you're the person for the job.

If you're feeling a bit overlooked and under-appreciated, or if you're on the edge of a big step forward in your career and need some credibility behind you, this is the workshop for you. Come away with steps to take and the power to take them!


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