My name is Brenda Soto.  I have a masters degree in the Education Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University Online.  When I started this program and the Action Research project was prompted to us, I started thinking in all the possibilities that I would loved to have when enrolled in school.  After that, I wondered how technology will help students in their classes, specially in those subjects not so preferred for them, like Math.

        In this site you will find the process that I’ve been walking through my Education Media Design and Technology Master’s Degree in Full Sail University and my Action Research Project. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate How technology will help math students to improve their performances?  I will be using tools that are going to impact students education.  

        With the use of the Internet and softwares such as iWeb, students will be able to access from their homes a page were they can find valuable information for their math class.  An example of other technology used are video, audio and interactive tutorials were they will be able to test themselves after each lesson. As a professional video editor and audio engineer the use of media became the protagonist in this project.   

        I invite you to navigate through this research website to be part of the process.



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